Choosing Tile Flooring

Tile installation by Flawless Flooring

Tile is a great flooring option. Not only is it durable, practical and easy to maintain, it is also aesthetically pleasing and will add value to your home. Here are some tips on how to choose the right tile and the right tile installer like Flawless Flooring in Edmonton.

Choosing Tile

There are many things to consider when choosing tile including the type of tile, size, color and texture. Whether you are planning to tile an entire room or just a wall, don’t skip any of these points.


The most common tile choices are ceramic, porcelain and a variety of natural stone. Ceramic and porcelain will let you play with different colors. Ceramic is the most economical choice if you want to keep costs down and it is pretty easy to install. Ceramic tiles are commonly used in bathrooms as they are highly water-resistant.

There are different types of natural stone tiles as well.   You can choose between marble, granite, sandstone and travertine. Natural stones have cool natural textures and will give your home a timeless, classic style. They are also extremely durable and can last for a very long time.


In the past, tile came in standard sizes and there wasn’t a lot of size variety. Things have changed! You can choose the size of tile you want, but it is advised that you use smaller tiles for small rooms and vice-versa, otherwise the tile design might look out of place. Get a sample from the store and check how it looks on the floor next to your wall and baseboards.

Color and Texture

Choose a that matches or accents the colour theme of the room. Light colors will help you open up a small, closed space. Use dark colors to make a wide space look cozier. Take care to pick the right texture. Smooth, shiny ceramic is very slippery and not suited for bathrooms. You can get tiles that have textured patterns to make them safer for you and your family.


Get a grout in the same color as your tiles to get a cohesive look. If you want to make your tiles stand out, get a grout in a contrasting color for a dramatic look.

Tile Contractors in Edmonton

Flawless Flooring offers a wide range of flooring options and installation services including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, laminate and tile. They can help you select the right flooring and tile for your lifestyle and design taste. They can also install tile in the bathroom and kitchen walls, creating beautiful bath and shower surrounds and decorative backsplashes.

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