Choosing Window Coverings Room by Room


From the inside, your windows are a focal point of the room. Your window coverings will contribute to the design and function of the room. There are many things to consider when choosing window coverings including your personal taste, what the room is used for, how light or dark you want the room to be and, of course, your budget.

Here are some tips from Gotcha Covered in Calgary for choosing window coverings room by room:

Bedroom Window Coverings

Your window treatments in your bedroom should contribute to a calm and relaxing atmosphere without compromising their key function: blocking out unwanted light so you can get a good night’s sleep and privacy. If you sleep best in a dark bedroom, choose black-out blinds or shades that can be drawn during the day. You can dress up the window with attractive valances or curtains. Other options are thermally insulated drapes. Not only will they look great and block out light, they will also reduce energy loss.

Living Room Window Coverings

Living room windows are usually larger than windows in other parts of the house. Choose long drapes that match the rooms decorative style. Colours and patterns can make a statement while solid colour floor to ceiling drape panels give your living room a sophisticated style.

Cellular shades are a popular choice for living room windows and can improve your home’s energy efficiency. These innovative shades are constructed with pleated honeycomb-shaped cells which helps trap air, creating an insulating barrier between your window and the room. A pull cord allows you to raise or lower the shade, with the opening being either at the top or bottom of the window. This gives you maximum control over light and privacy.

Kitchen Window Coverings

When it comes to window coverings for the kitchen, you’ll need something that is durable, easy to clean and that can stand up to heat and moisture. For example, you can always launder and rehang fabric curtains or valances, but fancier window coverings like Roman shades or drapery panels that have a lining will need to be dry cleaned. You can use soap and water to wipe down vinyl or faux-wood blinds, solar shades and shutters, but real wood blinds might be a hassle to clean and could have a negative reaction to moisture from cooking.

Be careful not to install cellular shades close to any splashing liquids as they are not easy to clean. They are still a good option for areas away from the kitchen sink like breakfast nooks or dining areas and can be vacuumed to remove dust.

Bathroom Window Coverings

Privacy and natural light should both be considered when choosing window coverings for your bathroom. Blinds are a good choice for the bathroom. They’re easy to clean and will still allow in some natural light while still obscuring the view from outside. A decorative fabric shade will provide privacy while allowing in some diffused light, and can add style to the room. Diner-style curtains are making their way into bathrooms, only covering up the bottom half of a taller window while letting the sun shine in from the top.

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window coverings calgaryGotcha Covered in Calgary has window coverings for every room in your house including blinds, draperies, shutters and more. Whether your shopping for the energy efficient window coverings or wanting to enhance your home’s overall style, they can help you find the window treatment that is just right for every room.

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