Choosing window coverings that are best for each room

Window coverings play a significant role in style and design, but they also need to perform a particular function. While aesthetics are important, each room might need a window covering with a slightly different function.

LD&A are interior designers in Calgary that can help you choose the right window coverings for your home. They share some things to consider when choosing window treatments for each room.

Does it need to be energy efficient?

Windows are a big culprit for energy loss in the home. Energy-efficient windows can make a noticeable difference in letting heat in and out of your home. Pair that with thermal window coverings, and you can significantly improve efficiency. Types of window coverings that can help improve thermal performance include cellular shades, heavy fabric drapery, and shutters.

Cellular shades are a top choice for energy efficiency. They’re designed with hexagonal shapes within the shade that trap air and act as insulation. If you have a room with large windows that allow heat to transfer, talk to LD&A about your options for energy-efficient window coverings.

Do you need to control the natural light?

Depending on the direction your windows face, controlling natural light might be a priority. South-facing windows receive direct sunlight. Sunlight can be great a lot of the time, but UV can cause damage to furniture and flooring over time. There are window coverings designed to help block the glaring sun while still allowing some natural light to come in.

Do you need privacy?

Depending on your neighbourhood, you might need window coverings that provide more privacy. If you’re worried that neighbours and passersby can see right into your home, the right window covering can help. You don’t want the blinds shut 100% of the time. Calgary interior designers can show you options that allow natural light and views while still providing the privacy you want.

Do you want automated or manual?

Adjust automated shades with a touch of a button. You can also program your window coverings to raise or lower at certain times of the day. This automation allows privacy, energy-efficiency, and light control when you need it in each room. If this convenience is important to you or essential for a specific room, automated window coverings are an excellent investment.

What is the style of the room?

Finally, let’s talk about aesthetics! Window coverings in Calgary play a major role in the design and style of your home’s interior. They can enhance or compliment finishings and décor by adding colour, depth, and texture. Choose from draperies, blinds, shades, window film, or a combination of these options to beautifully finish off your space. Plus, all of these options can increase energy-efficiency, sound control, privacy, and light control.

To learn more or to view your window covering options, contact LD &A today!


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