Clean And Upgrade Your Dryer Vents To Prevent Fire

Dryer vent cleaning before and after

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Not everybody understands the importance of cleaning dryer vent, but in reality, it is really important. You will be shocked to know that more than 15, 000 home fires are caused due to clogged dryer vents every year. These fires can easily be prevented with regular cleaning and by replacing old vents with latest models regularly. Here are a few important things that you should keep in mind in order to keep your dryer vent clean and your home safe from a risk of fire.

What is that pipe/hose thing?

The working of your dryer is simple; it blows heated air through a tumbling basket, which stores your wet clothes, but after removing the moisture from your towels and cloths, the heated air needs to go somewhere. It definitely goes outside, through a long vent from the back of your dryer to the exterior of your house. The most popular choice is flexible plastic, vinyl or metal pipes that look like an accordion to direct the air to the exteriors.

What is the problem?

Dryer vents are made with ridges, which catch the lint that moves out from the dryer along with the heated air. As the air travels through the ridges, each one of them acts as a speed bump. Usually, the fire starts when the lint collects in the nook and corners of these old hoses. Collected lint blocks the air from constant loads of dryer, causing the heat to buildup and possibly starts fire.

Experts suggest replacing this accordion style ductwork with a hose that is smooth, semi-rigid or rigid. This style lets the maximum amount of air to blow smoothly through the duct. Older vents, both in terms of material and design, allow the lint to get collected very easily, they also are more at risk to getting twists and to being crushed. All of this decreases the airflow and causes fire.

How to change it?

The great news is that the new vents are comparatively inexpensive, easily available and easy to install. If you have experience of using a screwdriver and can follow instructions present online, you can easily change the vent all by yourself. Before you begin, remember to take measurements of your old duct. Also, check the present pathway of the vent to find out how long of section you need to purchase. If all this sounds confusing and too much of work then find appliance repair services and rest assured.

Keep it clean:

Even though, the new ones are better in style, they still need to be cleaned regularly. Experts suggest to clean and replace yours at least every year, or more frequently depending on your usage. Consider buying cleaning kits with flexible, long brushes that remove the lint, however if you are still using a ridged vent, then get it done by a professional. Appliance repair companies have all the necessary tools.

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