Client-led and built-to-last home renovations

Kitchen Renovation by EcoRenew Contracting Ltd.

When deciding to complete a major home renovation project, the first step is knowing what the space will be used for and how you want it to function. There are plenty of options and decisions to make. Putting a piece of your personality into your renovated space can help you feel more comfortable in your home. When deciding to go through a renovation, choose professionals who will work with you throughout the process.

EcoRenew Contracting in Edmonton is a family-owned business that specializes in working collaboratively with clients, as they embark on the adventures of major home renovations. Their dedication to high-quality construction produces work that lasts, leading to long-term customer satisfaction. Operating under the mantra of consistent communication throughout the process, helps ensure a final product that clients can be proud of. Quality products and craftsmanship, partnered with client engagement, will lead to outstanding results.

Client-led renovations

You know your space better than anyone; how it is to be used, how you want it to feel, and how you want it to look. Working with EcoRenew in a collaborative way, means that you need to reach out and communicate your ideas and desires for your space. Sometimes, we cannot always get want we want, but with EcoRenew, we will always get what we need. What you bring to the table is the personal touch, what they bring to the table is a realistic approach to achieving your dream space. Taking an active role in the renovation means frequent end-of-day walk-throughs and staying in contact by email and text. Mutual respect and patience are fundamental attitudes for effective client and contractor communication.

If you are not sure what you want, they can point you in the direction of inspiration! As a professional renovation company, they can discuss the latest design trends in both esthetics and sustainable products, and approaches to the construction process. In today’s world, making old new again is not just great for the planet, but also can provide us with beauty in our spaces that we did not even know was there. So often, brainstorming as a team is exciting and rewarding.

Built to last

When going through a major renovation, the last thing you want is to worry about when it will need to be done again. Using high-quality products can help your space stand up to the test of time. There might be higher initial investment and the process may take a little longer, but those choices will add value and longevity to your home renovation. Having an experienced and knowledgeable renovation company doing the installations will ensure that it is done right and help prevent the need for premature repairs or replacements. Well-constructed spaces also have the added benefit of having a smaller ecological footprint over the long term. This is due to the length of time they last without needing upgrades or repairs.

Major Renovations in Edmonton

EcoRenew Contracting knows the value of quality work and expert workmanship. Their experience in producing high-end renovations results in their client’s approval and ongoing satisfaction. The dedication to client-led renovations results in clear communication throughout the process, helping customers feel secure in the progression of the renovation. From custom spaces to more traditional home renovations, the collaborative process results in a space enjoyed for years to come.

Contact EcoRenew Contracting today to begin your home renovation process.

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