Commercial lighting upgrade ideas and benefits

Keeping your commercial building in top shape is important for appearances, value, and productivity. When renovating, lighting is one of the most important parts to consider and plan to update. Proper lighting plays a role in interior design, setting moods, lowering bills, and more.

PTX Electric Ltd. in Coquitlam is a professional electrical company for industrial, commercial, and residential needs. They share the benefits of a commercial lighting upgrade and some new design ideas:

Reduced costs and longer life

Switching to energy-saving lighting, like LED bulbs, is a great way to start seeing major savings. The bulbs save upwards of 90% of their energy, which makes them not only more efficient but also creates less heat and much higher savings. Lowered energy consumption also means the bulbs won’t burn out as quickly, so they have a longer lifespan than other bulbs.

Improved lighting quality

Another major benefit is the improvement of overall lighting quality and better work productivity as a result. Better lighting technology means more options and control over the type of light output and fewer output problems. The light glare will not be as harsh, which will reduce eye strain and increase productivity. It can also eliminate any flickering from worn, old systems or turning on a light and having to wait for it to reach maximum brightness. Bright, white lighting that can mimic natural daylight can likewise boost moods and work levels.

Statement fixtures

For design ideas, adding oversized or statement light fixtures can add a lot of dimensions and visual interest to a room. In a commercial building or office, the right fixture can help with overly spacious ceilings or add a sense of comfort back into the space. For a meeting room or office, a stylish, bold fixture can add a feature appeal that also helps create an energetic element to the room. Entrances or reception areas for clients and customers will benefit from the “wow” factor of light fixtures that attract attention.

Coloured light additions

If you need a splash of colour to help add some energy and productivity back into the area, use coloured fixtures. Whether a modern or traditional office, splashes of colour here and there can do a lot to improve the overall appearance. For company logos with specific colours, this is a great way to use those colours throughout. The right shades can even help promote different moods, like yellow for energy, red to engage the mind, or blue for a calming effect. With the right layout, you can create positive emotions for both employees and clients alike.

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