Commercial uses of rubber paving

Rubber paving is quickly becoming a popular choice for commercial applications in Calgary. It is versatile in design, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The rubber paving experts at Prairie Rubber Paving in Calgary share examples of how rubber paving can be used for your business, organization, or municipality. 


When designing a playground, you want something that will last, and something safe for kids of all ages. Rubber pavement is a great choice to install in playgrounds. The installation process is quick and easy, helping to speed up the building process. It’s also a very durable material and will last for many years. The material bounces back, keeping kids safe from any scrapes or other injuries they may get from sand or pavement. With sand, you have to worry about garbage, broken glass, and even cat waste in the play area. With rubber paving, it’s easier to keep clean (and no more sand in your kid’s shoes).  

Sport courts

Sports courts are a great addition to any park, recreation centre, summer camp, or even private home. It provides great traction, soft landings, and is easy to maintain. One of the major benefits of rubber paving is how it comes in many different colours and styles. This means that if you want your court to have specific designs, embossed with your logo, or to have the colours of a specific team, it is doable. Rubber paving is durable, won’t crack like concrete, and looks great too. You’ll get plenty of use out of your rubber-paved sports court. 

Swimming pools or splash parks

The surface around swimming pools can get slippery very easily. The same goes for splash parks, where children will often run around, and splash water all over. Something like concrete or tile can make the surface incredibly slippery, leaving people prone to injury. Concrete can also crack over time, creating more hazards for the occupants of the pool or park. Rubber paving can be used both indoors and outside. It has a softer touch to it, can reduce slipping, and if someone does fall – it gives them a softer landing. 

Rubber Paving in Calgary

Prairie Rubber Paving is Alberta’s premium rubber paving company. Using the highest quality synthetic rubber and polyurethane binders, they create the safest and most durable surfaces on the market. Their contractors tackle various projects, including courts, playgrounds, daycare play areas, and more! They serve residential and commercial clients all throughout Alberta.

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