Common kitchen renovation mistakes (and how to avoid them)

A kitchen renovation is an exciting time for most homeowners! After all, these projects are large but greatly rewarding. With the help of an experienced general contractor, you can get the most out of your kitchen renovation. Their expert advice can help you avoid many common kitchen renovation mistakes.

MOD Kitchens in Fort Saskatchewan provide unique custom kitchen renovations. Here they offer advice on how to avoid common kitchen renovation mistakes.


A renovation is an opportunity to create your dream kitchen. The possibilities are endless! However, many homeowners get carried away with all the wonderful options available. Instead of being discerning and making intentional design decisions, they try to incorporate too many different elements. In design, less is usually more. Overdesigning is an easy way to ruin your new kitchen renovation.

When you go overboard on design, the result is chaotic and cluttered. As a result, your kitchen will feel uncomfortable to be in. It also makes moving around, cooking, and socializing difficult and cumbersome. As a result, your new kitchen won’t impress visually, and it also won’t be functional.

Wrongly sized appliances

This is a common mistake… especially if you pick your appliances after the cabinetry is installed. After all, one or two inches makes a massive difference in kitchen renovations. All measurements must be precise! That’s why you need to select appliances first, so you know the correct measurements and can have the cabinets installed accordingly. If your appliances don’t fit, this delays completion and add extra expenses. You will have to wait to reorder correctly sized appliances, or your cabinets can be modified. It’s easier and faster to ensure your appliances fit the first time.

When you work with a professional kitchen contractor like MOD Kitchens, they always recommend choosing your appliances first. They understand the importance of doing things correctly and in the right order.

Not enough ventilation

Ventilation in kitchens is crucial. Your ventilation system pulls smoke out of the kitchen and prevents food smells from lingering. Consequently, improper ventilation can lead to the buildup of foul smells. You may also find your fire alarm is always going off. With adequate ventilation, your kitchen will smell fresher, and the air will be clear of smoke and moisture from cooking.

MOD Kitchens installs a high-quality kitchen hood fan in every kitchen, as per local building codes. Learn how to clean your kitchen range hood.

Kitchen Renovations in Fort Saskatchewan

MOD Kitchens offer kitchen renovations, as well as the design, supply, and installation of custom cabinetry. They are committed to providing excellent workmanship and superb service to all their customers in the greater Edmonton area. Furthermore, they offer flexible financing options to help make your dream kitchen a reality.

Contact MOD Kitchens today for a complimentary estimate and professional consultation.

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