Common lighting mistakes to know and avoid

Adding lights to a room may seem like a simple task, but there’s actually plenty of room for mistakes. Too much or too little lighting can affect both the room’s layout and overall mood. That’s why it’s important to recognize those common mistakes so you can avoid them in your home.

4-Star Electric in Calgary is a residential, full-service electrical company. They share some common lighting mistakes to avoid in your home:

One light fits all

Having a single overhead light may work for smaller spaces, but don’t rely on this for all rooms. In general, the best lighting rule is to have layers of lights for different purposes. Not only will this help evenly brighten the room, but it gives more options to do so. With lights, plan to have an ambient, accent, and task light source.

Ambient lighting is a general overhead light and is ideal for brightening the whole room. Accent lights highlight specific pieces, such as art, walls, or objects like a fireplace. The final style, task lighting, is a table lamp in your bedroom or under-cabinet lighting. It provides just enough light to work under or near, without needing to light the entire room.

Room size doesn’t affect fixtures

When it comes to light fixtures, match the size and style to the overall room. You can still have a chandelier in your kitchen, but don’t pick a full-sized one. If the fixtures don’t fit the room, it will throw the proportions of the room off balance. A good guideline is to measure the height and width of a room, then add the numbers and convert them to inches. This number will tell you the right diameter for your new light fixture. If it’s above a table or countertop, measure the width of the table and then subtract one foot for the right size.

Any bulb will work

Different types of bulbs will provide different colours and intensity of light. These colours play just as much a role in mood as does the brightness of a room. Choose the intensity and colour of the bulb depending on each room. Kitchens, for example, benefit from bright white lights. This helps not only with the right lighting for prepping food, but it adds more vibrancy to the room. Bedrooms or living rooms, though, will benefit from a gentle and warm light. You want to provide a cozy, warm feeling, and not a bright, high-energy one. Different bulbs will also provide better energy savings over others and help save money in the long run. LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs, for example, are both highly efficient and have longer lifespans.

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