Common Questions About Wine Rooms

If you’re a collector of wine, having a professionally designed and installed wine room will help you protect your valuable collection. It will also allow you to showcase your wine and easily access it when you want to open a bottle. While storing your wine on a store-bought or built-in wine rack might have worked with a few bottles, keeping your collection in a climate-controlled wine room will allow you to properly age your collection to enjoy in the future. Here are some frequently asked questions about wine rooms:

Why is climate control so important for wine?

Heat, light and vibration are enemies of wine. Frequent or quick changes in temperature can ruin the aging process, affecting quality and taste. Storing wine at a constant cool temperature, in a dark place, will allow the wine to undergo chemical reactions at a rate that produces desirable changes in flavour and composition. Climate-controlled storage for your wine collection is a must if you want it protected and aging well over several years.

If you plan on drinking the wine sooner than later, climate control isn’t as important. It is only critical if you plan on aging your wine for years to come. With that in mind, remember that the best drinking temperature of red wine is 18C, which means you’ll still want it to be stored in a room cooler than room temperature. Learn how to properly store your wine collection.

What is the best location for my wine room?

Thanks to the latest climate control systems, the location of your wine room can be anywhere you want! In the basement, spare bedroom, closet, off the living room or under a staircase, they can customize a solution for your wine room that will best meet the size, style and budget requirements.

Will the climate control system be noisy?

The cooling system used will have a compressor and a fan that will make a little noise. If your wine room is near a living area, it is recommended that you use a ducted or ducted/split system instead so you can have the cooling unit in a room where it won’t be heard, like a mechanical room.

How long will it take to build the wine room?

This all depends on the size and complexity of your wine room. After the design and planning stages, construction will begin. If you already have an existing space and you just need some modular racking and no cooling system, it will take less than a week. If you are building a climate-controlled room and need a full renovation with custom racking, it could take several months.

Can I build a wine room with a limited budget?

Some wine room builders use the Premier Cru® modular wine racking product line that is created specifically for those who are more budget-conscious. You can use these cost-effective products entirely in your wine room or combine them with some custom elements to get that look you are looking for. Ask your contractor for their electronic brochure complete with the price-list of these wine racking system.

Learn more about building a wine room.

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