Common roofing repairs a professional can help with  

Part of being a homeowner means that you have to be aware of the state of your roof. Your roof is responsible for protecting your home from the elements, so knowing when to call a roofer is vital. While these issues can be common on residential roofs, don’t wait for repairs as it can lead to further damage. 

Top Roof & Exteriors in Calgary is a professional roofing and exterior renovation company. They share some common roofing repairs that their team can handle with quality and care:

Trouble with flashing 

Roof flashing is installed around your roofline to help keep any water from sneaking underneath your shingles. There may also be metal flashing installed around the chimneys and vents likewise to keep water out. Unfortunately, when those flashing are installed incorrectly or are old and damaged, water can flow underneath. That invites rot, water damage, and other costly roof repairs. To avoid this, have a roofing contractor conduct a roof inspection. You should also have any flashing replaced at the same time as a roof replacement.

Shingle replacement 

Replacing your shingles isn’t only done during a complete roof replacement, as sometimes individual shingles need replacing. That can happen for several reasons, like suffering over time from the elements, fallen tree branches, or lifting from the heat. Like failing flashing, even a single damaged shingle invites the risk of water getting in. The shingle could also come loose and fall off, leaving a part of your roof exposed to the elements. If there are enough damaged shingles, it may be more cost-effective to schedule a total replacement. Otherwise, call a professional to handle the shingle replacement and keep your whole roof safe.


Water leaks cause damage to both your roof and your home if left unrepaired. Since roofing leaks are sometimes hard to find, it’s best to leave them to a professional. They’ll be able to find the source and handle the necessary repairs safely and quickly. Typically, leaks develop from roof neglect or poor installation. That’s why finding a trusted company like Top Roof & Exteriors from the start is so important to ensure you don’t run into early roof troubles. 

Finding a trusted company 

When looking for the right company, don’t rush the process. Instead, check things like years of experience, fees and warranties, insurance and training. Browse their past jobs to get an idea of their skill. Then, check out reviews to see how they handle jobs and customers. Getting multiple estimates will also help ensure you get the right match at competitive pricing. And, if in doubt, ask questions until you feel confident in your decision. 

Roofing in Calgary 

Top Roof & Exteriors has served Calgary and the surrounding areas since 2012. Roofing is their business, and satisfying customers is their motto. Integrity, professionalism, and reliability have always been their top priority. In addition, their team has years of skill, quality workmanship, and full insurance, so you can trust your roof and home are in capable hands.

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