Comparing types of flat roofs

It can be challenging to tell the different types to the untrained eye regarding flat roofs. With significant differences between installation methods and materials used, trust a professional to help you decide which is best for your home or building.

No Water Contracting in Edmonton compares a few of the different types of flat roofs to help their clients choose:

Built-Up roof (BUR)

This type of flat roof is very common and used on many flat buildings. Hot tar and gravel are built up over layers of gravel. In more recent years, this type of roofing has upgraded to more advanced materials used in production, such as fibreglass membranes. This type of roof is popular due to its resistance to punctures and waterproof capabilities. The gravel also acts as a fire retardant which can be beneficial to owners and insurance policies. Out of the different styles of flat roofs, BUR roofing is of the more cost-effective choices.

Rubber Membrane roof

There are different types of rubber membranes to choose from, and one type is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). This type of roofing is a lightweight system that makes them popular to install over other existing roofs. A high-speed application process and less labour-intensive installation mean another cost-effective option. Membrane-type roofs are easy to patch when issues arise, which is another popular reason for installation.

Another type of membrane roofing is thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). This system is three layers of a membrane that have been compounded into one ply. It has enhanced flexibility and weldability and is exceptionally durable against water.

Choosing a type of roof

With these types of roofing, plus other flat roof types, it can be challenging to pick which works best for specific buildings. This is where No Water Contracting comes in. They can help choose which type of roofing best suits your needs and the best choice for your budget and maintenance goals. Roof replacements or a new roof for your construction project is a considerable investment. It’s worth having a conversation with an expert to help pick the right roof for your needs.

Flat roofing in Edmonton

No Water Contracting offers high-quality flat roof installations that ensure ‘no water’ penetrates your home or building. They hold safety at utmost importance and will treat your home as though it was their own. If you need a flat roof replacement or service, hire a company that offers expertise, quality products, and flawless installation.

Reach out to No Water Roofing today.

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