Complete guide to lawn care

A rich green and healthy lawn is a source of pride for many homeowners. However, nurturing your lawn is a lot of work. It requires time, knowledge, and the right equipment. For these reasons and more, hiring a professional lawn care company is the best decision you can make for your lawn.

HHS Contracting Inc. in Edmonton is an experienced property maintenance company servicing residential and commercial properties. They provide complete lawn care in comprehensive and customizable packages.


If you want a vibrant and lush lawn, you must fertilize it. Soil naturally decreases in nutrients over time, which is why fertilizer is so crucial. Fertilizer restores the nutrient content of the soil, allowing it to thrive. After fertilization, your lawn grows deeper roots, becomes greener, and lasts longer.

Weed Control

Eliminating weeds is a crucial part of lawn care. If left controlled, weeds could consume your entire yard. This is because weeds grow faster than grass, absorbing the soil’s nutrients. Consequently, the grass will be starved of the nutrients it needs to grow. Your lawn will be weaker and its growth stunted.

Power Raking

There is a layer of organic materials underneath your lawn called thatch made of living shoots, roots, stems, and leaves. Thatch that is more than 1/2 thick negatively impacts lawn health. This is because it prevents water, air, and nutrients from reaching the soil. Additionally, thick thatch creates a humid environment for the roots, promoting fungal and bacterial diseases. Plus, insects and pests live in thatch. Power raking is a technique of slicing this thatch so nutrients, water, and air can find their way to the soil. Learn more about thatch.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is another method of tackling thick thatch. Whereas power raking uses a revolving reel, core aeration uses a machine to remove thin plugs of soil and thatch. This technique is gentle on the grass. It reduces soil compaction and creates channels whereby nutrients, water, and air can reach the soil.

Cutting and Trimming

Regularly cutting and trimming your grass helps keep your lawn healthy and strong. When the grass is kept at the right height, the healthiest grass blades thrive and multiply while the weak ones die. In turn, this creates a healthier root system. Your lawn will also grow faster, more even, and recover faster. Lastly, regular lawn mowing eliminates pests that thrive in an overgrown lawn.

Debris Removal

Too often, lawn maintenance companies charge extra for removing the clippings and lawn debris they create during the lawn care process. At HHS Contracting Inc., there are no additional costs for cleaning up. Every one of their packages includes bagging and debris removal.

Lawn Care & Maintenance in Edmonton

HHS Contracting Inc. offers property maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. They provide a range of services in fully customizable packages. Their services include lawn care, hedge pruning, parking lot sweeping, line maintenance, and snow removal. You can rely on HHS Contracting Inc. and its entire staff for superb professionalism and customer service.

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