Concrete Lifting & Void Filling

Photo from JoJacks Concrete Levelling

Photo from JoJacks Concrete Levelling

There are many reasons why your concrete could start to crack and sink. Inadequate compaction, poor excavation before the concrete was installed and excessive erosion caused by a poor pitch or improper drainage from your downspouts can all lead to cracking and sinking.  If you’ve noticed this issue with your concrete driveway, walk ways or patio you should fix it before the problem gets worse. If you leave it too long it could lead to poor drainage around your home that can cause future water damage. It’s also a tripping hazard and will give your home poor aesthetics.

Having your concrete restored with concrete lifting and void filling is the most cost-effective way to fix your concrete. Why spend more time and money on a complete concrete replacement, including the time and cost of labour of removing your old concrete, when you can fix what you have with similar results?

What is Poly-Lifting (Foam Jacking)?

Some concrete contractors in Edmonton use poly lifting, also known as foam jacking, to correct uneven or cracked concrete. Poly lifting is a fast, economical repair process for correcting unstable concrete. Basically, polyurethane liquid components are mixed and injected under pressure below the area that needs to be lifted and repaired. When the components react to each other, they will expand and harden just like a spray foam insulation or sealant. When they expand and get hard, they will fill the void beneath your concrete that is causing it to sink and lift it up until it’s level with the rest of your driveway or patio.

Benefits of Foam Jacking for Concrete Repair:

Compared to other concrete repair methods, poly lifting is very clean. The equipment is directly attached to the concrete slab and everything is sealed up when the product is being injected so no loose material is spread around the outside of the repair area. There is no mud, wet concrete or grout left to track around your yard.

It is also a less disruptive process. Instead of waiting for new concrete to be installed and then days for it to cure, you can actually walk on your lifted concrete immediately. In fact, you can even walk around it during installation process as long as you are able to step around the inject equipment, so access to your home and yard is not restricted during the process. Plus, vehicle traffic can resume immediately as soon as the work is done!

Poly lifting is way faster than mud-jacking because the holes drilled in your concrete for the injection are much smaller and you can lift more area per hole with foam jacking over other methods.


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