Concrete Lifting & Void Filling

There are many reasons why your concrete could start to crack and sink. Inadequate compaction, poor excavation before the concrete was installed and excessive erosion caused by a poor pitch or improper drainage from your downspouts can all lead to cracking and sinking.  If you’ve noticed this issue with your concrete driveway, walk ways or patio you should fix it before the problem gets worse. If you leave it too long it could lead to poor drainage around your home that can cause future water damage. It’s also a tripping hazard and will give your home poor aesthetics.

Having your concrete restored with concrete lifting and void filling is the most cost-effective way to fix your concrete. Why spend more time and money on a complete concrete replacement, including the time and cost of labour of removing your old concrete, when you can fix what you have with similar results? Concrete Specialists Ltd. in Calgary shares more:

What is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting is also known as mudjacking or slabjacking. It corrects sunken concrete by creating a solid foundation under the uneven area. Voids under the concrete are filled and it is carefully raised to the proper height using either a polyurethane foam or a grout mixture. These products are injected underneath the sunken area using specialized equipment and when they expand and get hard, they will fill the void beneath your concrete that is causing it to sink and lift it up until it’s level with the rest of your driveway or patio.

With grout injection, a 2 inch hole is drilled through the concrete in several places, and a specialized grout mixture is injected, which lifts and levels the area. With polyurethane foam injection, a small 3/8 inch hole is drilled through the concrete in several places, and a lightweight and very durable polyurethane foam is injected, which lifts and levels the area.

Benefits of Concrete Lifting for Concrete Repair:

Compared to other concrete repair methods, this method is very clean. The equipment is directly attached to the concrete slab and everything is sealed up when the product is being injected so no loose material is spread around the outside of the repair area. There is no mud or wet concrete left to track around your yard.

It is also a less disruptive process. Instead of having your old concrete ripped out and hauled away, then waiting for new concrete to be installed and then days for it to cure. Depending on the type of product used, you can typically walk on your driveway the same day the work was done. With grout you can use the driveway within several hours and with polyurethane, you can use the surface just 30 minutes after the repair.

Concrete lifting will cost about 1/3 or even 1/4 the price of a full concrete installation. If you have a sinking or uneven driveway, patio or walkways, consider this cost-effective alternative.

Concrete Repair in Calgary

Slab Jacking Calgary

Concrete Specialists can lift and stabilize; driveways, patios, stairs, sidewalks, garage floors, uneven concrete, warehouse floors, basement floors, building structures, bridge aprons, highways and other large commercial projects as well as concrete with in floor heating. They are committed to providing superior service and quality workmanship to your home.

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