Concrete versus wood for custom homes

Building a custom home can be a big undertaking. Though there are many benefits, you want to be sure you’re working with skilled and trusted contractors. You also want to be sure of the materials you are using. Wood and concrete are two popular choices for building and framing a custom home, but how do you know which material is suitable for your dream home?

Point Form & Frame in Burnaby offers professional wood framing and concrete formwork. They share a little information about each so you can determine which, or if a combination of the two, is best for your home construction project.

Concrete Formwork

Concrete, like wood, is a building material used for centuries. It is another popular choice for custom builds, particularly in the luxury market. Concrete stands the test of time, even against the harshest of environments. In addition, it’s a low-maintenance material. It will not burn, rust or rot over time as it is water- and fire-resistant. Concrete also absorbs and retains heat, making it extremely energy efficient. On top of this, this building material is also great for soundproofing. Part of the reason it is so popular in the luxury market is because of the modern and minimalist designs concrete formwork can provide.

Something to note is that concrete is a much more expensive material, hence its use in the luxury market. It also may not have the versatility that wood has. But, on the other hand, with stunning concrete designs and unparalleled durability, it remains a top choice for home builders.

Wood Framing

Houses with wood frames are typical partly because wood is a natural resource. Wood is also used for many building applications. For example, for light frames to heavy timber, low and mid-rise. Wood is also an excellent option when you’re looking for a material that is both versatile and economical.

In addition to this, wood is also easy to work with. This means your contractor can build your home’s frame in a timely and efficient manner while providing a durable solution. When designed properly, a wood house will hold up against harsh weather and heavy rainfall, like the kind B.C. is known for.

If you’re thinking of the impact wood frames may have on the environment, something to keep in mind is that wood frames can store roughly 30 tonnes of carbon. And while wood manufacturing does have an impact on forestry, trees are renewable. Furthermore, manufacturing steel and concrete has its own environmental impact because they require a lot of water.

Framing Contractors in Burnaby

Point Form & Frame in Burnaby stands behind its three key values. These values are clarity, craftsmanship and community. They make it their mission to provide outstanding work for every project, from start to finish. This company is also made up of a team of skilled carpenters passionate about concrete formwork and wood frame construction. They offer services for both residential and light commercial buildings.

Reach out to Point Form & Frame today to discuss your concrete formwork and wood frame needs!

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