Conquering the Clutter with Closet & Storage Solutions

You open the back porch closet to hang up your jacket. You manage to cram it between your other coats, the jackets your kids outgrew last season and a pair of snowpants you haven’t worn in 5 years. Shoes are piled in, on and around the tiny shoe rack you put in there. The cords of barely-used kitchen appliances are dangling from the upper shelves, the recycling is bursting out underneath it all and you it takes you 5 minutes and an incredible struggle to shut the closet door.

You feel like you’re living in a lot of clutter? You’re not alone! Most families juggle jobs, kids, chores, and everything else and meanwhile that ‘stuff’ seems to accumulate and pile in inconvenient places. As we start to inch closer to spring it is a good time to start thinking about how you can de-clutter your closets, find better storage solutions and creative ways to utilize the space you have.

Custom Storage Solutions Room by Room

There are closet and storage organizing companies that can help you design and create unique solutions for your space. Whether it’s adding shelving, hooks and hangers to your bedroom closet or creating a more functional mudroom in your back porch, a professional will help you organize your home in a more functional way without diminishing the aesthetics of your space. If anything, they can help improve the aesthetics of your space!

A custom closet company can help you with organizing every room in the house:

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Your bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxing room. De-clutter your bedroom space with a custom walk-in closet, optimized reach-in closet or classic wardrobe. Each type can utilize multiple levels of storage, incorporating shelves and drawers to maximize usable space.

Bedroom closet

Living Room:

This is the space that perhaps gets the most traffic. A professional can help you design the room so the space is optimized, organized and still very functional for your family and lifestyle. Built in shelving, custom designed storage cubes, and cabinetry are all ways to create elegant living storage that melds into your lifestyle.

living area

Office or Spare Room:

Do you have a room in your house that serves as an office, guest bedroom, play room and craft area? Many families have a random multi-purpose spare room that is usually the victim of clutter and disorganization. A professional storage solution company will help you determine all of the functions you need from that room, and create a solution to keep it organized, functional and looking great too. Wall beds, multi-tiered shelving units and desks are all ways they can help you optimize that space.



Custom bench system, cabinets, units for hanging tools and sports equipment, and unique shelving can turn your garage into a clean and functional space – rather than the ‘overflow junk collection area’ it has become!


Unusual spaces:

The attic, crawl space, area beneath the stairs and basement all have hidden nooks and crannies perfect for creative storage solutions. Transform these areas into a functional space for living, long term or short term storage.

The Process of Hiring a Closet & Storage Organizer

When you call a closet and storage solution company from you know you’re contacted a company that has a proven track record, offers exceptional customer service and top-quality workmanship.

They’ll send a designer to your home to walk through the space, learn more about you and your lifestyle, and will start to create a plan to re-design the space. They’ll work with you to come up with a practical and functional way to use that space while considering your personal design taste and budget. After the consultation an installation team will come in and install the new storage solution.

The designer will have gone over how to best utilize that space so once it’s installed you can start using it. Say goodbye to the jammed coat, boot, appliance, recycling closet and hello to your new, efficient and beautiful space!

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