Considerations before you paint brick

Painted brick is a stylish look that can help transform the look of your home and boost curb appeal. That said, brick is also a highly porous material, so there are some considerations before you paint. Knowing what to expect or consider will ensure you are completely confident before painting a brick surface.

Here is what you need to know and consider before painting brick:

Be totally sure first

Because of how porous brick is, it tends to be a near-permanent choice to paint brick surfaces. While the brick can be stripped and returned to its original appearance, it is a lengthy process. So, before you start painting, make sure you are entirely sure. Browse online to get some inspiration or ideas on how painted brick may look. Also, talk with your contractor for their advice and to discuss how the new look could boost your curb appeal or if the old is better. 

Repair damage first

Before any painting, take a close look at the brick surface. If there’s any damage or wear, it’s essential to handle those repairs first. Covering a damaged surface may cause the paint to peel off, develop cracks, or even invite more damage to seep in. Things to look out for are damp spots, mould growth, chips, and cracks. Water will easily get into those cracks and could cause interior water damage. So, preparing and repairing the brick secures your new paint job and protects your home. 

It needs to be maintained

Once your brick surface is painted, it still needs maintenance, specifically to be repainted regularly. Over time, the paint can fade in the sun, peel, or form cracks. Depending on the location of your home, that paint touch-up could be needed every three to five years. With a white painted surface, it can also become dirty and need to be cleaned now and again. While there is added maintenance, it shouldn’t deter homeowners from painting their brick. And, if you don’t have time to maintain it yourself, a professional can always help.

Leave it to the pros

While painting brick can be a DIY job, it’s best left to the professionals to save time and stress. Brick surfaces need to be cleaned and prepped, and any damage repaired before any painting can begin. DIYing is doable, but it could take much longer to do alone. Whether you want to add new value to your home or plan to sell, a professional can handle the work quickly and with quality. Plus, you can get their expert advice about best colours to compliment your home.

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