Considerations for exterior paint jobs

Most exterior paint decisions are based around colour, the type of siding, or the best curb appeal choice. When you’re choosing paint for your home’s exterior, the things to consider are a little different compared to an interior paint job. Hiring a professional will ensure flawless results that last and an improved curb appeal.

CertaPro Painters in Winnipeg are a professional residential and commercial painting company. They share some exterior painting tips for your home:

Expect a lighter result

Interior paint samples generally look the same once applied to the walls and even after they dry. That same concept isn’t a guarantee when it comes to exterior paints. Against natural sunlight and weather effects, whatever paint colour you choose will likely look much lighter once applied. Before applying any paint, take a sample card or apply some colours to see how it looks at different times and in various lighting. You can also choose a half a tone darker to ensure the results are what you want. Likewise, darker colours will likely look a touch brighter once applied.

Remember textures and shadows

Unlike smooth interior walls, exterior surfaces aren’t always smooth. Depending on whether you have stucco, brick, or vinyl, the way the paint takes will look different. Stucco, for example, has many tiny bumps and grooves that create tiny shadows. The result, when painted, is the colour will look a touch darker than a sample card. Using the same colour on different mixed exterior surfaces will also have a slightly different colour finish. To make sure you get just what you want, ask the pros at CertaPro Painters help with the colour selection. Their eye for detail will let them help with pairing the right tones to the right surface.

Curb appeal is a deciding factor

Exterior paint, colours, and styles all play into how well they help boost your home’s curb appeal. Different colours look better with different architectures. Some help bring out focal points, and others may fall flat. Interior paint is generally more focused on interior design and colour complements based on mood. When painting the exterior, don’t use the same mindset and focus on just the house. See what colours exist around, like green shrubbery or colourful flowers. Also, check what nearby houses have for their colour schemes to get new ideas and to see what works well with your home’s original design and style.

Painters in Winnipeg

CertaPro Painters pride themselves on their work, skill, and customer satisfaction. They arrive on time for every job, with the right equipment, skills, and help for any job. Whether it’s a standard paint job or a custom project, they can help in any way.

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