Convenient Storage During Home Renovations

Storage During Home Renovations

If you’re embarking on a major home renovation, the first thing you need to do is clear out the house. You can’t exactly install new flooring with all the living room furniture still in the room, basement renovations in Edmonton . You need to put that stuff somewhere so that it doesn’t get damaged or dirty during the renovation and so you can focus on the areas under construction.

mobile storage EdmontonBigSteelBox in Edmonton has a solution! They offer secure, mobile storage containers perfect for that much-needed home renovation storage. They will drop off a storage container on your driveway or yard to provide a convenient and secure place to store household items like furniture, appliances, kitchenware, sporting goods and clothing. That means you won’t have to waste time running back and forth to a rented storage locker or break your back loading and unloading. Keep your items in this weather-proof, secure storage container conveniently located outside your house until the renovation is complete.

Part of keeping a renovation stress-free is cleaning up at the end of each day so your home can be as livable as possible. Instead of stacking building materials and tools in the corner, keep them safely stored in your BigSteelBox until it’s time to use them again. This is a great way to keep your tools, equipment and materials safe and dry when you don’t need them in the house.

Storage for Staging Your Home for Sale

BigSteelBoxes are also a smart solution for staging your home if it’s on the market for sale. Clear out the clutter in your home, get rid of extra furniture or other unattractive items while you are showing your home and store them in your mobile storage container. A de-cluttered home that doesn’t have too many personal items in it makes it easier for buyers to envision themselves and their own stuff in the home. It helps your property sell faster and a well-staged home can even increase its overall value!

Another advantage is that having a BigSteelBox when you’re in the process of moving your home can help you get a head start on packing. If you’ve already moved in some items during home staging, you won’t have to worry about moving them again. Packing a little at a time is a great way to make the process less stressful and when you’re ready to move, BigSteelBoxes will pick up the container and move it to your new home!

About BigSteelBox

BigSteelBox offers mobile, long term and short term storage solutions for renovations, home staging and general storage at your home or business, from 30 locations across the country. They are also a great alternative to hiring a moving company. Just pack up your home in your container at your own pace and when you’re ready, they will pick it up and move it to your new home, whether it’s across town or across Canada.

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