Cost-effective kitchen renovation with wall and cabinet painting

We all know painting is a cost-effective way to change the overall look and feel of your home’s interior. But painting kitchen cabinets is an even better value! In your kitchen, you can refinish your cabinets plus paint the walls to completely transform the room. If you’re thinking about cabinet refinishing, consider changing the cabinet hardware at the same time to complete the look. Other upgrades to consider would be a new countertop and backsplash. That would completely update the space so you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Can Do More Painting in Calgary is a professional cabinet refinishing and painting company. They will share some design tips when balancing cabinet refinishing and wall colours.

Focus on the cabinets first

Cabinets take up the most wall space in a kitchen, so focus on them first. With cabinet refinishing, you have plenty of options to consider: Do you want a paint finish like semi-gloss to protect against stains and damage? Or would you like a rich stain finish? Do you want to consider upgrading the hardware?  Once you settle on the perfect cabinet look, it’ll be easier to find a complementary wall paint colour.

Stain or repaint?

If your cabinets are solid wood cabinets, it means you have the option to paint or stain them. Both offer great benefits but can look very different and affect the overall feel and design. Stains help accentuate the natural patterns and grains of the wood. Both light and dark stains can be used which gives you more options and range for your design. Staining is the better option for a more traditional-styled kitchen or to feature natural wood accents. Some clients opt for painted outer cabinets and a rich stained island. The Cabinet Experts at Can Do More Painting can help you determine the best approach during a FREE consultation.

Painting opens up more colour ranges from light pastels to dark striking tones. It also offers a fresh new look if you really want to transform the cabinets’ old look. Paint can give a modern or contemporary feel, depending on what colours you choose. Just keep in mind that wall colours will be a bigger factor with painted cabinets. You either want a complementary shade or an attractive contrast.

Tying it all Together

When it comes to painting the walls, keep the rest of the kitchen’s colour scheme in mind. Between countertops, cabinetry, and appliances, there is already a lot of colour present. Throwing in a whole new colour for the walls can work if the goal is a feature wall. Otherwise, too many colours can cause the kitchen to look too loud and chaotic.

Start by deciding if you want light or dark walls, and base that decision on the cabinets. Light walls will keep the focus on dark cabinets, while a dark wall can help make light cabinets stand out. Some clients prefer a very modern kitchen with light cabinets and light walls. Dark walls and dark cabinets, however, make a room feel closed in so that should only be reserved for very large spaces. To help with colour selection, draw inspiration from the floor, countertops, and backsplash. Steel appliances pair well with dark greys and white, while natural wood tones pair better with earthy colours

Cabinet Refinishing in Calgary and Painters in Calgary

At Can Do More Painting, they believe in ensuring every project and customer gets the highest level of quality. They also strive to ensure absolute peace of mind and a stress-free experience for every job. Their professionals can help with all types of interior painting along with start-to-finish cabinet refinishing. In addition, they can help pull everything together with new countertops and backsplash, plus update the flooring for a total transformation.

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