Cost Factors of a Basement Development

Finishing your basement is a smart idea. You can nearly double your home’s functional living space and add real monetary value to your property. Basement renovations are major projects. They require complex planning, workmanship from a professional renovation company and a big financial investment.

If you’re planning a budget for your basement development, there are some things you should consider. There are aspects of a basement renovation that will take up more of your budget room than others. Brockman Homes in Edmonton is a full-service home renovation company. They specialize in basement renovations and can share some information on where you’ll spend the most money on your basement renovation:

Fixing water problems.

Basements are known for moisture issues, unfortunately. If your basement is unfinished, inspecting for water issues and making repairs is much easier than if walls are installed already. A good contractor will check for issues around the plumbing, windows and foundation before installing insulation and drywall. Brockman Homes will know what to look for and can make suggestions for repairs and preventative measures if any issues arise. If you don’t look for issues before renovating, you could end up damaging and having to redo your newly finished basement.

Installing or retrofitting mechanical systems.

Having your mechanical systems installed or retrofitted can be a big job. Things like plumbing, electrical work and HVAC ducts will all have to be installed properly by a professional in those fields. If you want to put in a kitchen, bathroom addition or a bar in your basement, plumbing will have to be roughed in. To install a high-end home theatre downstairs, all that electrical work will have to be pre-wired before the renovation can begin. When dividing an open space in to multiple rooms, new ducts will have to be installed to run heat into each new room.

All these things can be labour intensive jobs. That is why they’ll eat up a chunk of your basement development budget. Don’t worry, Brock Homes will include these projects in your overall design plan. You will see a break down the costs in your detailed estimate. Planning, hiring and managing these trades is not something you’ll have to worry about.

Considering labour costs.

In most home renovations, the cost of labour will be the biggest part of your bill. Some estimate that up to 75% of the cost of your basement development will be to cover the labour. While this might seem high, it is well worth the cost. Professional basement renovators will act as project managers. They will help with design, managing sub-trades and be there throughout all stages of construction. You are paying for their experience, skills and expertise, ensuring the best results are achieved when your project is complete.

Basement Renovations in Edmonton

Brockman Homes provides an innovative, individual approach to renovations. Combining the highest standards in design and construction and offering comprehensive service and attention to detail. They deliver a beautifully designed, professionally managed and worry free renovation. Always ensuring it is built right the first time, on time and on budget.

Whether you’re planning to develop your basement, renovate your kitchen or update your entire residence, contact Brockman Homes. They’ll provide a free in-home consultation so you can see how you can start living every day in a home you love.

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