Cost Saving Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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Cost saving kitchen renovation ideas

Did you know that kitchen renovation in Calgary is one of the most cost-effective methods to increase the value of your home? It is crucial to keep your kitchen maintained and up to date as it is the most frequently used room in the house.

Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to renovate your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full overhaul.

Refinishing Cabinets

This is by far the simplest way to give your kitchen a low-cost yet dramatic makeover. If your cabinet drawers and doors are in good shape, refinishing them can save you thousands of dollars. It can be a time-consuming project once you get started, but your kitchen will look brand new in less than a week.

New Cabinet Doors

Getting new doors instead of full replacement is another cost-saving kitchen renovation idea. You can get new cabinet doors with a different look and design to add depth to the kitchen.

New Countertops

You can choose a new countertop to give your kitchen a new look. If you are afraid of breaking the budget, there are many lower-cost options on entry-level quartz. You may be surprised at how many options are available for an affordable price.

New Hardware

New hardware will help enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen for less, whether you choose to refinish existing cabinet doors or get new ones. Look for energy-efficient plumbing and light fixtures to save money on utility and energy bills in the long run!

Install a Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is a simple project with a significant visual impact. There are several options ranging from lick-and-stick backslashes that don’t require much cutting to the most custom look with real tile, which requires a trowel and tile cutter, as well as finishing with a pre-mixed grout. You can also go for a beadboard backsplash, which is one of the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective kitchen renovation solutions.

Interior Painting

Interior painting in Calgary such as painting kitchen cabinets is one of the classic ways to renovate and upgrade the kitchen without putting a strain on your savings. Depending on how many cabinets you have, the sanding, priming, and painting procedure can take a long time. However, once finished, it will give your kitchen a completely new look.

New Sink and Faucet

Purchasing new appliances make a bold statement to any kitchen. By adding a new sink or faucet, you can give your kitchen a fresh look without spending too much. You will; however, have to ensure that the new sink and faucet fit well with the existing space.


Installing new lights can instantly add a wow factor to any room. New lights brighten up the place and make your kitchen look more spacious. If you are looking for inexpensive and modern options, try adding pendants over the island or countertop, add a gooseneck sconce over the sink, or simply add a series of tiny white or yellow lights in front of the cabinets or around the ceiling. This will provide a relaxing atmosphere, and you will perhaps even enjoy cooking.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to renovate your kitchen without breaking your wallet. Cost-saving kitchen renovation ideas and cabinet painting in Calgary will help upgrade the room as well as increase the value of your home. In the end, your kitchen will represent your lifestyle; therefore, it is essential to keep it maintained.

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