Create privacy in your backyard with landscaping

With summer temperatures arriving, people are looking to spend more time in their outdoor living spaces. If a lack of privacy in your backyard is stopping you from enjoying it, then it’s time to change that. Invest in new landscaping, and incorporate clever features that will make your yard more private too.

R & R Landscapes in Calgary is a full-service landscape design and landscape construction company. They can assist you with your landscaping project this year. Here they share some ideas for adding privacy to your outdoor living spaces.

Put up some privacy panels

Using panels such as fencing, lattice, or even trellis is an easy way to create privacy in your backyard space. Privacy panels used in fencing or on decks can stop people from gazing into your yard when they’re passing by. Using lattice or trellis can help to create a physical barrier from strangers looking into your yard. Not only will you get privacy, but you can give your living spaces more shade too. Panels can also create an aesthetically pleasing look while providing privacy too.

Build a living wall

A great way to create a private space in your backyard while showing off your green thumb is through a living wall. While this privacy option means more upkeep to make sure it doesn’t overgrow and look messy, it’s sure to give you that wow factor. The rich texture from the plants will help your space to feel inviting and welcoming while also giving you the privacy you want.

Strategically placed shrubs, bushes, and trees

If you are working with a smaller-sized space or restrictions stop you from putting up a fence, there are still options to create privacy. You can plant shrubs or bushes in a strategic way to eventually wind up with hedges. Not only do trees and shrubs help with the privacy situation, they will also add beauty, depth, and value to your landscape.

Landscapers in Calgary

R & R Landscapes has been providing residential and commercial landscaping services in Calgary for more than 15 years. They believe in and strive for quality work, creating their client’s visions with their professional design team. Their staff is professionally trained, dedicated, and experienced. If you want to overhaul your landscape, you’ll receive a consultation of the space. Learn more about landscape design and how R & R Landscapes can help create the private backyard oasis of your dreams.

Get the backyard of your dreams with R & R Landscapes today.

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