Creating the Ultimate Basement Suite

If you’re looking for a way to bring in additional revenue, and have a basement space you never use, consider building a secondary suite. Not only will it be a steady source of income, but it will add to your home’s resale value. MLI Property Enhancements in Calgary shares some tips for creating the ultimate basement suite that will attract quality tenants. 

Living space

The central part of your suite will be the main living space. A great living space feels open and inviting, and needs to have good lighting. If possible, install large windows with deep window wells. This will allow in more natural light. Complement that natural light with a smart electric lighting plan. Recessed lights are common for ambient lighting, but layer the lighting with task and accent lighting too. 

Throughout your living space, it’s also a good idea to keep things on the more neutral side. That means light, neutral wall colours, simple flooring patterns, and other finishings. This allows tenants to truly make the space their own, as you are providing them with a blank slate. Plus, lighter colours will help open up the space so it feels less like a basement. Read how to make a small basement feel more spacious


If you want to make the basement suite feel more spacious, you can start with the kitchen. When designing the kitchen in your basement suite, keep size and function in mind. Installing upper cabinets provides more storage without taking too much space. Try a mixture of stock cabinets and custom cabinets. The stock cabinets can help you keep the budget low, but custom cabinetry will give you more options for creative storage solutions. This is ideal when the space is a premium. 

Similar to the living space, clean lines can go a long way in your kitchen. Whites and greys keep a kitchen looking fresh and new. Simple light fixtures that continue to highlight the room are also an effective way to attract potential tenants. 

Bed and bath

MLI Property Enhancements can provide advice for the best layout for your bedrooms and bathroom downstairs. There may not be enough room for a tub in the bathroom, and that’s okay! They can help make sure the shower has the design and function necessary to make up for it. You might also consider having the bathroom and laundry in the same space if you don’t wish to share the laundry machines with your downstairs tenants. 

To be to code, the bedroom must have a large egress window. Any sleeping space needs a window that can be easily used as an escape route in the case of a fire. Plus, that bigger window will bring in more natural light. Keep the room’s wall colours light and neutral, and make sure to add a decent-sized closet.

Basement Renovations in Calgary

At MLI Property Enhancements, they understand that they are guests in your home. They live by the “golden rule” — they will never treat you differently than they would want to be treated. Their contractors also understand that not everything happens according to plan, but it’s how they deal with these surprises that sets them apart.

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