Creative ways to incorporate tile into your bathroom renos

Beyond just being a beautiful addition, the right tile design in a bathroom can transform the entire room. Tiles can either add that desired spa-like feel or give bathrooms a more modern, sleek appearance. Either way, with their flexible design, tiles provide a lot of creative freedom when it comes to using them.

Moar Tile Inc. in Edmonton is a professional tile company providing both installations and solutions to previous, improper tile installation. They share some creative ways to design with tile in your next bathroom reno:

Go patterned with your tile floor

It may not seem like a first choice to add a patterned floor, but it adds a lot of creative design elements. Combing patterns such as windmill or chevron with mixed colours will add a nice bold touch. Likewise, for something simpler, a custom inlay or mosaic will also do the trick. Just be sure that the rest of the bathroom sticks with a simple design, to avoid too many patterns. Whatever colour you choose, be sure to incorporate it throughout the room as well. That way, your floor has that “wow” feature, but one that still works in the room’s overall design.

Work with a dark grout

Grout plays a key role not only in the installation of tiles but also in their design aspects. As the finishing touch for a tile floor or wall, the wrong look can easily ruin the appearance of the tile. Typically, grout is white, but there are dyes that can change the colour. There is no one right colour combination in bathrooms, so it’s more of a personal choice. Still, combining white tiles with black grout is an attractive and popular look. The dark contrast adds a pop to the tiles while giving the room a sleek, modern design. In a simple bathroom, it can easily make your tiles the main feature focus. Likewise, a coloured tile with white grout will also give the same effect, but with a pop of colour. Check out these other beautiful coloured grout combinations for some more ideas!

Tiles on the floors and walls

If you can’t decide between tiles on your walls or floors, then don’t! Going for both gives double the design benefits and a completely new look for the bathroom. Unlike backsplash, you want large tiles for a wall. That way, the tiles are not only noticeable but also will make a statement. Either big square shapes or longer subway tiles are both popular choices in this case.

As for the floor, go for something different to help contrast the look. Faux wood tiles, for example, make for a perfect choice. With tile walls and floors, you don’t want to overwhelm the room with a dominating tile feel. Faux wood tiles, though, are a subtle and ideal addition to add balance. They are just as easy to maintain, very durable, and add that sleek look of hardwood. Any tile wall, whether coloured or white, will match perfectly with faux wood.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

Moar Tile Inc. strives to ensure that each project is given the same quality and care as the next. They pride themselves on ensuring that every installation is done right the first time, without any mishaps. They offer everything from tile installation, heated flooring, custom inlays and more. Whatever your tile needs may be, Moar Tile Inc. is the company to call.

Ready to transform your bathroom with tiles? Then contact Moar Tile Inc. today!

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