Custom Cabinets FAQs

Custom cabinets are the best choice for your kitchen renovation. A design plan is made for the cabinets and they are constructed specifically for that project. They are the most flexible option and when built and installed by a reputable cabinet company, are the highest quality option too.

Do you have questions about the custom cabinetry component of your kitchen renovation? Bigstone Custom Cabinets Ltd. in Edmonton shares some frequently asked questions and answers:

Where do I start with my custom cabinet project?

Start by booking an on-site consultation with Bigstone Custom Cabinets. A designer will come to your home to hear your ideas and take measurements of your kitchen. They’ll provide a design plan/layout and quote. Alternatively, you can take a few simple measurements yourself. You can also take some photos, then bring the photos and measurements to Bigstone and they’ll create a layout and provide a quote.

Will someone help me design my kitchen?

Yes! When you hire a professional custom cabinet company, they will provide professional design services. You will work closely with a trained and experience designer to create the kitchen that best suits your specific needs.

What can I customize on my cabinets?

With custom cabinets, you never have to worry about finding the right cabinet to fit your space. Bigstone Custom Cabinets will create cabinets that fit your kitchen and layout design perfectly. They can also add special features. These features might include a Lazy Susan, pull-out garbage receptacle, built in wine racks, spice racks and under cabinet lighting.

Where will my cabinets be made?

Your custom cabinet boxes will be made in Millet, Alberta at the Bigstone Millwork Shop. Most doors will be ordered from CARON and then finished to your specifications at the local shop. It takes about 8 to 10 weeks to build your cabinets once you sign off on the project. Then they’re ready to be installed by one of the experienced and talented installation teams that works with Bigstone Custom Cabinets.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, Bigstone Custom Cabinets offers a lifetime warranty on the hardware they use on the cabinets. If an issue arises with the supreme door hinges or slides used, they will replace the malfunctioning product with the same or similar product.

Custom Cabinets in Edmonton

Bigstone Custom Cabinets has over 25 years of experience in carpentry. They provide superior workmanship on custom cabinets for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen, wardrobe installation or other skilled woodwork, look no further than Bigstone!

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