Custom cabinets vs stock cabinets: pros and cons

When it comes to buying the stock version of something or getting it customized, it usually comes down to a matter of need. But what about when it’s part of a renovation, such as remodelling your kitchen? If you are looking to make your home a dream home, then opting for custom work, like custom cabinets, is never a wrong decision.

Arbor Valley Cabinet Gallery in Calgary is a professional custom cabinetry company. They share some of the benefits of custom cabinets versus stock cabinets:

Custom cabinets: pros and cons 

If you are renovating to improve the kitchen’s functionality and tailor the space to your needs, then custom cabinets are the way to go. As its name suggests, these can be built exactly to fit your new kitchen design and layout. If you want pot drawers, pull-out pantries, a custom wine rack or even hidden outlets, then custom cabinets can do that. Custom cabinets are also a great solution for small kitchens without a lot of space. Likewise, a large kitchen that wouldn’t be ideal for high up cabinet storage, is an easy solution with custom work. If you need some ideas, look at these kitchen cabinet inspiration ideas.

The downside though comes with the expense of custom work. As with any customization work, with quality comes expense. With a budget, this won’t be an issue, but it’s important to keep in mind. There is also a wait time for the cabinets since they are being made and not ordered from the store. Lastly, custom cabinets are not a DIY option when it comes to installing. Leave it to the professionals when it comes time to install them to ensure everything is in place properly.

Stock cabinets: pros and cons

The biggest thing to take into consideration with stock cabinets is what your needs are for your kitchen renovation. If it is just a matter of replacing old cabinets, but your storage layout is fine, then the stock is your friend. The benefits of stock are that they are immediately and easily available and can be installed professionally or as DIY. That means once the renovation of the kitchen itself is finished, all you have to do is add in the cabinets and voila! Down the road, if you want to change the look, then a little bright paint can do the job for your cabinets.

The downside though to stock is the limitations that come with them. Design choices with size, style and finishes are quite limited to what is offered in-store or in catalogues. As well, the lifespan will also depend on the material, but it is typically 10-15 years.

Choose what’s best for you

In the end, choosing between custom and stock cabinets is up to you. It comes down to a matter of needs, wants and what is in the budget. If the renovation is meant to help sell, consider just stock. But if you are renovating for yourself, custom cabinets are ideal as a solution for your needs both now and long-term.

Custom Cabinets in Calgary 

Arbor Valley Cabinet Gallery are professional and experienced cabinetmakers. Their goals are to turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen that is perfectly tailored to all your needs. They pride themselves on the quality of their work and the resulting transformation. When you work with them, you are guaranteed that your cabinets will be perfectly suited to all your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact them to help build your new custom cabinets!

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