Custom electrical renovation ideas for function and value

By thinking ahead, you can do electrical renovations that add value and a little innovation to your home. And, as an added bonus, both your household and your bills will see major benefits.

The best electricians in Calgary specialize in residential renovations and custom electrical work. They share some custom electrical renovation ideas for your home:

Streamline your kitchen’s appearance

Outlet location is always tricky in a kitchen, especially when it conflicts with visual designs and layouts. Kitchens typically need plenty of outlets to plug in appliances or to charge phones. Still, those outlets can break up the visuals of a new tile backsplash or create a cluster of wiring when appliances all get grouped to one outlet. Some innovative options include pop-up outlets, charging stations, and decorative receptacles to hide your outlets. That way, there are no visual breaks along with the walls or any tiling designs. Planning is very important at every stage to get the desired look.

Electrical panel upgrade

If you have an older home, it might not have a big enough panel to handle your electrical needs. Circuit breakers that trip constantly could indicate you need more capacity, or that there is another electrical problem. Or, if you want more power to run a workshop, hot tub, or even an EV charging station, an electrical panel and/or service upgrade is required.

Professional electricians will work with you to determine your electrical needs now and into the future. They can ensure your electrical panel and service upgrade will meet those needs, so you can power the things you need efficiently and safely.

Home automation

With today’s new changes in automation, it’s not required to rewire your home to get automated. Just by changing out switches, you can be connected to smart home technology. One example of this is geo-fencing, where you can program your house to welcome you home.

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