Custom feature ideas to include in your new deck

Backyard decks can be as simple or as creative in their design as a homeowner wants. There is no limit, and better yet, no matter how it is designed, a deck always adds major value. In particular, custom features are a great way to add a unique touch to your new deck and boost function and value even more.

MaenDecks in Winnipeg is a professional custom deck and fence building company. They share some ideas for custom features to add to your new or current deck:  

Sunken seating 

If you already have a multi-teared deck, why not add some real feature appeal and add a sunken seating area. Thanks to the deck’s raised design, you don’t have to worry about height or soil contact causing rot. You can dedicate one level for outdoor entertainment and cooking, and the second level to your sunken seating. You can even double up on the design with a spacious-enough level and add a fireplace in the center. Either use real wood or creative lights for a beautiful fireplace feature.  

Green pergola

Pergolas are a perfect addition to any deck as a great way to add shade, style, and function to your deck. You can do a lot with one as well, but why not add a green touch to it? Not just with eco-friendly materials, but add some growing plants to it for a naturally green new look. Flowering plants like roses or jasmine will grow up the posts and produce fragrant and visually stunning flowers. If you love to garden or cook with fresh vegetables, use fruit-bearing plants instead for a garden-themed addition. Tomatoes or cucumber plants are hardy and easy to grow or go for a more exotic-themed design. Grapevines, for example, will add a stylish Mediterranean touch.

Expand the steps as seating

Why not make those stairs multifunctional and expand their size and width as seating? A staggered appearance adds appealing design elements, while the spaciousness makes a perfect bench. You can mix and match materials on the stairs as well to make them stand out from the rest of the deck. It’s a great way to include benches for entertainment or add plush pillows for evening enjoyment. If you have a multi-tiered deck, then this is a perfect eye-catching design to transition between those levels.   

Merge the pool or garden

Instead of building a separate deck space for your pool or around a garden, combine the two! Build a raised area for seating and entertaining, and then a lower level that fits around the pool for lounging. It provides the perfect balance between poolside enjoyment, shade from the sun, and seating to relax or socialize. The same design can be incorporated into a garden addition. Build your deck around your own backyard Zen oasis, complete with a mini pond, rock garden, and little succulents. You get the benefits of a deck and the beauty of a garden all in one.

Deck Builders in Winnipeg 

MaenDecks prides itself on building beautiful, custom decks that homeowners can enjoy for years. Their attention to detail goes beyond just quality workmanship; it also relates to their customer service. From custom decks to new fences, they provide absolute satisfaction and quality work every time.  

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