Custom Millwork in Your Home Renovation

detailed crown molding

Custom millwork will add uniqueness, elegance and warmth to your home renovation. Using real wood in your home’s design is very attractive and will increase your own personal enjoyment of your home as well as boost resale value. Premier Carpentry Services offers millwork in Calgary and offer a range of custom woodwork. Here are some ways you can use millwork in your home:

Custom Cabinetry

When you install custom cabinetry, you know you are getting exactly what you want for both function and design. Choose the type of wood, finish and other special features that will make your kitchen renovation truly unique. Not only will you love your new kitchen, you can be sure future home buyers will feel the same way should you ever decide to sell your home. Boost your resale value with custom millwork in the kitchen.

Crown Moulding and Wainscoting

Crown moulding is the most traditional form of millwork and can be found in homes of all ages. Custom mouldings can bring a sophisticated look to any room of the house. Having crown moulding along where the walls meet the ceiling will draw attention to the room’s height. Learn more how to install crown moulding. Wainscoting is becoming more and more trendy among homeowners. Not only is it decorative, it can also help protect and give your walls strength.

Built-in Shelves and Storage

Built-in shelves and entertainment units will give your living room and/or family room more pleasing to spend time in. You can hide your electronics, DVDs and books or have shelves to display your art and other prized possessions. You can also have a custom home office or library with built-in book shelves and work spaces.

Millwork in Calgary

Premier Carpentry Services provide excellent service and quality craftsmanship. Whether you want custom cabinetry, crown moulding or any other custom woodwork in your home renovation, Premier Carpentry Services will meet and even exceed your expectations.

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