Custom organizers and storage solutions for your home office 

Having a home office is becoming more of a standard in every home, whether you work from home full-time or some of the time. Part of ensuring good productivity means designing an office that is organized and free of distracting clutter. That’s where good closet organizers for the home office can help. Calgary Custom Closets shares how: 

Maximize different sized shelves

Having shelves is the best way to get items and clutter off the floor or desk and into an organized space. Large or small home offices will both benefit from shelf storage, so it’s a great addition. Custom pull or tilt-out baskets with different width options are a clever way to store garbage bins out of sight. Smaller shelves are the perfect space to use different-sized bins to store office supplies like clips, staples, or smaller items. 

Blend open shelves and cabinets 

A blend of open shelves and closed cabinets are both functional and creates some visual interest for an office. The shelves can store either office supplies or decorative accessories like plants or books. Cabinets are the ideal storage for bulkier office supplies like binders, printer paper, a shredder or a printer. Cabinets can be built as a floor-to-ceiling unit or installed on the wall like in a kitchen. Whichever style you choose will depend on your office space and personal storage preferences. 

Create work and storage zones

You need a stylish custom closet in Calgary that effectively organizes supplies and items. Create work zones both within your closet and in the office. Set up countertops to create a printer or paper shredder station that’s easy to access but out of the way. For a custom closet, create storage zones based on how you work or use supplies. Keep less used items higher up and more used supplies within reach. If colour codes work best for a filing system, then add tabs or coloured binders. Even a mail station will help keep your mail organized and your desk clutter-free.

Professional help

Working with a professional is the best way to maximize your home office and ensure an ideal layout. Companies like Calgary Custom Closets are experts at planning home offices for shared spaces, for individuals, or for kids learning at home. A professional will help design around your height, work style, and personal priorities. Using custom and qualities materials to build the space will ensure your home office closets Calgary lasts for years. Whether you work at home full time or part-time, you’ll enjoy your functional, organized, and comfortable home office. 

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