Custom staircase ideas

Adding custom features to your home gives it beauty, can improve function and property value. A staircase renovation can do all of those things. There are many ways to customize your staircase to make it a focal point in your home and add that character that will make your home truly unique. Here are some custom stair ideas from The Good Crew Inc. in Edmonton.

Circular or spiral stairs

Circular and spiral staircases aren’t seen as often in homes, making them a stand-out piece. There’s plenty of variety that comes with these staircases, and regardless of the style you choose, they’re certainly unique. Styles for circular or spiral stairs can include modern, traditional, Victorian, and any other style you’d like. Circular stairs add flow to your living space and allow for a more open feeling. Their uniqueness can add flare to your interior design, and it’s a functional way to do so too.

Curved stairs

Are the circular stairs too dramatic for you? Curved stairs are a more relaxed way to still add an aesthetically pleasing look to your staircase. Similarly to circular staircases, there is a wide variety of choices you have with curved stairs to fit your personal style, as well as that of your home. Depending on the height of the stairs, there can be platforms in between to separate the stairs. Curved stairs also take up less space than other staircases since they are usually built alongside the wall. This makes them a good choice for smaller spaces, but they can still be a bold focal point in larger homes too.

Flared stairs

Flared stairs make a room feel grander, making it a great choice for homes that have wide-open foyers in particular. These stairs work by starting with regular-sized stairs at the top, and then gradually increasing the stair size as they approach the bottom. They can be made from a material of your choice and can be customized to your home’s design.

Floating stairs

Floating stairs do not have risers connected to them, and are instead directing installed along a wall. These stairs are not only an interesting piece to add to your home, but they make your living space feel more open. They don’t take as much space, and the lack of risers makes them airier. Contrary to what people may think, these stairs are just as safe as regular staircases that have risers connected. Contractors install them with the correct amount of space in between, and railings are typically attached as well.

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