Customizing Your Wine Room with Professional Millwork

Wine rooms come in many forms. Whether it be a small insert into your kitchen space or a dedicated room, the options are limitless with how you can do to design it. Here are some ideas of how to customize your very own wine cellar, from Platinum Finishing and Millwork in Edmonton. 


Your wine room renovation can begin before you even set foot inside it with a door upgrade. Looking to show off your collection to those just passing by? A partial or full glass door will get the job done. Wanting something more sophisticated or rustic? A wooden door can be designed to welcome guests to your wine room in a way they won’t forget. No matter the feel you’re looking for, it can all begin with something as simple as a door. 

Ceiling designs

While many homeowners may focus on the walls, the ceiling is a great way to showcase your creativity. There are many things you can do with your ceiling too. If it’s a vaulted ceiling, different woodwork can be incorporated to make the space pop. Vaulted or not, there’s also the option of including beams on your ceiling. If your ceiling is flat, you could include something unique like tin panelling, or wooden inserts to create different patterns. Ceilings aren’t often thought of when renovating a space, but if you’re looking to add character to your wine cellar, look up!


Going back to the walls, built-ins are a great way to showcase your collection, and keep everything organized. It’s common to see built-in shelving in wine cellars, but there are many ways to change this up. For example, using a combination of horizontal and diagonal shelving can make your display stand out. Going with custom woodworking for shelving will ensure that the storage solutions fit your space perfectly. 

Another built-in feature that could be added to your wine room is seating. Things like wooden benches crafted around the shelving can make the room seem more inviting, and will customize your wine cellar in a unique way. 


Every wine cellar needs proper lighting to give the space the right ambiance. Depending on the location of the room, some natural light may be let in, but it may not be enough. Lighting can highlight the style of a space and add to the look you’re going for. Maybe it’s lightbulbs that look like candles, or spotlights to showcase your collection. Something as simple as lighting can transform your current space into a whole new experience. 

Millwork in Edmonton

Since 2015, Platinum Finishing and Millwork pride themselves in their craftsmanship. Whether it’s crown moulding, hanging doors, wainscoting, or closet storage solutions, their clients will have an enhanced living experience with the final result. 

Interested? For more information, check out Platinum Finishing and Millwork today!

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