Decisions to make when building a garage

Building a new garage has many advantages! It will provide you additional storage, a workspace, a secure place to park vehicles and even a secondary suite in some cases. If you’re thinking about building a new garage, you have some decisions to make.

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How big will your garage be?

This is a decision you have to make, but you have to make it within certain restrictions. Hiring a professional garage builder will help you determine how big your garage can be based on the space you have. They’ll have your utility and property lines marked and measure the area you have for your new garage build. Garage Pros are also familiar with local building code requirements and will make sure your construction project is compliant.

If you can, it’s always a good idea to build a little extra space, in addition to the space you’ll need to park vehicles, if you can. This makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier and provides more room for storage.

Will you want it insulated or unfinished?

Every garage project is different, because every home owner has a different plan for their garage! If you’re planning on using the space as a workshop, you’ll want to add insulation, drywall, electrical, gas line and furnace installation to your plan. If you just want to park your car indoors to avoid brushing snow off in the morning, you can skip most of that stuff. Determining how you’ll use the space, and how big your budget is, will help your garage designer make a plan that will best suit your needs.

How do you want it to look on the outside?

Typically, the garage has the same look and style as the home. It will have the same siding, trim and windows as the house, so the entire property has good flow. You can choose to have a basic garage with the basic finishes or get creative with your door styles and window selections. This is something the design professionals at Garage Pros can help you with.

Have you considered a garage suite?

Some homeowners choose to include an attached secondary suite in their garage build. Having a stand-alone dwelling on your property can produce rental income. This can be used towards your living expenses. Families who have a loved one with mobility issues or other disabilities, might use this suite to give their family member independent living, combined with the nearby care they need. In Winnipeg, a garage apartment is considered a detached secondary suite. Learn more about the process of detached secondary suites here.

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