Deck Building Guide: 5 Insider Tips to Choosing a Great Deck Design

Give your house a catchy look by building a great deck on your front-yard. Here are 5 amazing tips to help you pick the most creative deck designs from a deck builder in Edmonton (Alberta Vinyl Decking & Railing ).


In the past several years, Americans across the country have gone all out for outdoor living. It used to be that we spent time in the backyard only when we were grilling, splashing around in the pool, or playing catch with the kids.

Nowadays, it seems like there are few boundaries left between indoor and outdoor activities. We watch TV outdoors. We listen to music there. We even mix elaborate cocktails and cook the entire dinner al fresco!

Optimal outdoor living calls for creative deck design. Thinking about adding or upgrading a deck? Read on for some useful tips to kick-start your imagination!

1. Plan Your Deck’s Purpose

The possibilities for outdoor activities having become limitless, it’s more important than ever to decide what you want to do on your deck.

Will it mostly be for entertaining, or for your immediate family to enjoy? Do you want to have backyard binge-sessions of your favorite Netflix shows or would you be more comfortable outside?

A homeowner who has, or wants, a swimming pool or hot tub should factor that into the deck design. Non-slip decking is crucial. You may want to add a pool house or safety fencing.

2. Think About Your Yard’s Capacity

Another important consideration is the size of your deck. Naturally, you will want to take the overall size and layout of your property into consideration.

Homeowners will smaller yards might choose a deck that’s proportionately smaller, to save some lawn space. Others might opt for a large, all-inclusive deck that will effectively eliminate the lawn.

That’s a personal decision and one that can’t be made until you consider point number one.

3. When and How Much Will You Enjoy Your Deck?

Is the weather in your area conducive to year-round outdoor living? If the average day in your area is 72° and sunny, spending a lot of time on the deck is a no-brainer.

But if your climate involves dramatic temperature differences and all four seasons, you can still enjoy the out-of-doors. It just takes a little foresight.

When planning the deck, consider features like canopies, awnings, patio covers, and pergolas or ramadas that will provide shade and/or protection from the elements. Ceiling fans lend laid-back charm to your deck.

Outdoor space heaters can help you keep the party going and comfortable well into football season!

4. Determine Whether Privacy Will Be a Concern

Homeowners who live cheek-by-jowl with neighbors might want to add an ivy-covered exterior wall, decorative screen panels, or even a cluster of large potted trees and plants. Of course, a plain old fence is an option too, but why not get creative with your deck design?

5. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Be honest with yourself — will you use a pizza oven often enough to justify its cost and footprint? Do you want a tiki bar because they look cool, not because you entertain? Full outdoor kitchens are fun, but they’re also costly and require a lot of upkeep.

Unless you host a lot of parties or have money to burn, you might want to leave the kitchen inside, and save the deck space for lounge chairs or a dining table.

So Many Creative Deck Designs to Choose From

Browse Pinterest, decorating portal on Houzz, or lifestyle magazines and you’ll see so many creative deck designs that it can be hard to choose one!

But taking some time before you begin to build and considering these aspects of outdoor living will make the selection process easier and minimize decorator’s remorse.



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