Demolition: DIY vs hire a general contractor

Depending on the type of renovation you have planned, there is likely some demolition work involved. That may mean tearing out old tubs and sinks, or bigger work like tearing down a wall. Either way, knowing when it’s safe to DIY and when a professional is needed will keep you and your home safe.

Wynter Renovations in Calgary provides full-service general contractor work for residential and commercial jobs. They share what demolition projects you can DIY and when to hire their general contractors to help:

DIY: small demolition

Small or light work can be easily DIYed to save on the labour costs of hiring a professional to handle it. These projects include taking down cabinets that you don’t plan to reuse, tearing out tiles or pulling up old flooring. It can also include moving out old appliances, and, as long as the water is off, taking out small fixtures like sinks. The same goes for tearing out trim detailing, like baseboards.

DIY: small deck removal

If you have a small backyard deck or patio, and the design or use just isn’t working anymore, tear it out. Low to the ground decks are safe to dismantle and maneuver during the process. If you’re careful as well, the wood from the deck can be resold or reused. Start with the railings and stairs before moving on the boards and rest of the deck. Once the old deck is out, hire a contractor to design and build a newer, better deck to boost your home’s value.

Pro: structural changes

Any work involving structural changes, like moving or tearing down walls, should always be left to a professional. If you can’t safely identify the parts of a wall or know where a load-bearing wall is, don’t attempt to DIY. Aside from the mess, there are a few safety hazards of inexperienced demolition. Hidden electrical wires or even pipes can easily be damaged when tearing down the wall. The cleanup afterwards as well is an involved process that takes time and care to clean everything properly. Leaving it to a general contractor guarantees both the safety and timely turn-around of the work.

Pro: opening walls

If you have plans that involve opening up a wall, whether to install new wiring or plumbing, call in a pro first. The main reason is there’s no guarantee of what you may find behind a sealed wall. Mould is a common problem, but older homes, in particular, have a higher risk of having asbestos involved. If any is found, all work must stop, and the asbestos cleared by a professional. Before you make any holes in your walls, hire a general contractor to help. If you suspect mould or live in an older home, have your home inspected for mould or asbestos before any renovations begin.

General Contractors in Calgary

Whatever service, help, installation, or repair you need, Wynter Renovations is ready to help. Their team of professional general contractors guarantee that every project is handled with quality care and detail. Everything from basement renovations, new builds, kitchens, renovations or remodels, Wynter Renovations is ready to help.

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