Design ideas for foyers of all shapes and sizes

Written by Classic Residential Design Inc.

Are you building a brand new custom home? Many people focus on designing their perfect kitchen or dream bathroom—but what about the foyer? Your entrance is your opportunity to make a good first impression with a beautiful architectural design that reflects your unique style.

Between staircases, doors, tiles and storage space, there are many ways to personalize your entryway—take it from the experts at Classic Residential Design, Edmonton’s custom home design specialist!

Whether you’re building an intimate bungalow or a large, multi-family home, set a welcoming tone with these design ideas for foyers of all shapes and sizes!

Stately staircases

As far as entrances go, staircases are often the focal point in multi-storey dwellings. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, contemporary, rustic or traditional design for your custom home, your staircase should reflect your style preference. Opt for striking metal and glass stairs in a modern home or intricate wrought-iron stair spindles for a more rustic appeal.

Decorative doors

A beautiful custom door acts as a piece of artwork in a grand foyer. Glass doors provide a stunning view from inside and outside the home, while double wood doors up the country charm. For a foyer bathed in natural light, opt for a front door with sidelights.

Stylish floors

Smaller entrances don’t need to lack personality! Large ceramic tiles are a strategic and aesthetic way to make restricted areas look more spacious. Furthermore, unique tile patterns can create the illusion of an area rug and give definition to your entryway. Sleek marble floors, terracotta-patterned ceramics, natural oak planks, glossy checkerboard tiles—your foyer is the perfect place to experiment with flooring!

Beams, walls and arches

Fine architectural elements like elegant arches, Tuscan columns and paneled walls add interest to your home’s interior. Bring in texture with a stone accent wall or visual depth with a canopy of wood beams. Even the most modest of entryways can leave a lasting impression with just one bold architectural feature.

Functional foyers

In addition to style, storage is another key design feature to consider. Smart storage solutions keep your foyer well organized, efficient and visually appealing. Custom storage units like built-in window benches, vertical cubbies and floor-to-ceiling closets provide adequate space for stowing apparel and footwear, while adding to your home’s interior design. Do you have limited square footage? Take advantage of space beneath the stairs to install deep pull-out drawers. Built-in storage units make the most of limited space while keeping your entrance clutter-free!

With so many styles and trends to chose from, dreaming up the perfect statement entryway can get overwhelming. A professional designer can create a space that is both visually appealing and functional to provide a space you will love for a lifetime. From architectural consulting services to custom home design plans, Classic Residential Design can help bring your dream home in Edmonton to life! We listen to homeowners’ specific wants and needs and turn those ideas into tangible creations.

Whether you want something grand or simple, get in touch with us to start laying down the groundwork for your dream foyer!


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