Design tips and tricks for an edible landscape

There are many different ways to landscape a yard, and just as many uses to consider in the design. If you have a green thumb and enjoy cooking, then consider the benefits of an edible landscape. You get all the appeal of a landscaped yard with fresh vegetables on hand.

Alterra Landscapes in Edmonton is a professional landscaping company. They share some tips and tricks to designing an edible landscape:

What is an edible landscape?

As the name suggests, edible landscapes have fruit- or vegetable-bearing plants incorporated into the design. The plants themselves are completely safe to eat and can include fruit trees, garden familiar herbs, or forage plants. It’s easy to think that an edible garden will be pure green, but with the right design, there can be colourful additions. Edible landscapes can also include as many edible plants as you want, so it’s great for expert or beginner gardeners.

Start with the hardscapes

Having pathways, designated areas, seating, and even fences are all important to factor in from the start. Having a theme for your edible landscape and knowing where things will go will make the process easier. You can choose to have flowering plants by the seating area or a pathway leading through the garden vegetables. It’ll also make it easier to choose where to plant any trees, so they don’t cast shade on the wrong area.

Keep plant shape, size, and type in mind

Garden plants tend to vary in how large or small they grow or how far they like to spread as they mature. For example, strawberries and cucumber grow low to the ground but tend to spread across the ground as they grow. Lettuce stays in one spot but, depending on the type, may grow large and tall. Other plants prefer to grow in pots instead of the ground, lending a visually interesting break. Before you plant, start by choosing what types of edible plants you want and how they will grow. Then, choose sections of your yard where they will flourish, but without growing into a chaos of greenery.

Grow companion plants together

Once you have the edible plants arranged, it’s time to consider traditional landscape plants and colours. Some plants grow well together or help keep away pests. To help your edible landscape flourish, consider planting these companion plants around your yard. Marigolds come in many colours and help keep away tiny worms from root vegetables. Lavender around apple trees not only smells wonderful; it also stops moth species from damaging the tree. Blueberries also thrive in the soil condition made by pine trees. There are many other companion pairings, so take the time to look around and find a match! This is something your landscaper can help you with.

Landscapers in Edmonton

When it comes to landscape designs and help, Alterra Landscapes is the company to call. They help with every step of the stage, from design, management, and handling the work. Their professionals are experienced and skilled, so any questions or concerns you have, they can solve. If you’re looking to revamp your outdoor space this year, trust the professionals at Alterra Landscapes.

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