Design tips for renovating the master bathroom

Bathrooms do a lot to add value and appeal to your home, especially the master bathroom. Blending function with style and some timeless designs will ensure your renovation is a long-lasting investment.

IFIX Facility Maintenance Inc. in Edmonton provides quality and stunning bathroom renovations. They share some design tips when it comes to renovating the master bathroom:

Design for two, but keep it personal

Master bathrooms tend to be used by two people, sometimes at the same time, making layout essential.  That typically means a spacious floor plan and lots of storage. Some designs incorporate a large countertop with two sinks and mirrored cabinets on either side. While that does create a striking balanced look, does it suit your needs? If you’re the only one using the bathroom, or you don’t think two people will be using it at once, a large single sink in the middle of a spacious counter will work too.

Each person who uses the master bathroom will have their own needs and routine. Designing around those needs will guarantee the right layout that suits your needs and daily lifestyle.

Add some timeless elements

If you eventually plan to sell or want to age-in-place, there are a few timeless features for both needs. Large, walk-in showers, for example, make great use of the space and add a spa-like feel. They can be easily used by any age group and customized with glass walls, raindrop showerheads, or in-shower benches. Heated flooring and custom cabinets are other luxury additions that never go out of style. While paint can be changed with ease, these types of designs are added to last.

Create a flow from the bedroom to bathroom

Think of the master bathroom as an extension from the bedroom. When designing the bathroom, you want to keep an element of flow and design consistency. That doesn’t have to mean the same colours and décor, but a few subtle touches go a long way. For example, you can add a feature wall to the bathroom using the same wall colour from the bedroom. Then, customize the rest of the bathroom with its own scheme. For accent colours, use those same tones from the bedroom for hardware finishes or cabinet colours. You can also play with contrasts, like a dark bedroom with a lighter bathroom. Just be sure to use complementary tones, so the transition isn’t too separate.

Bathtubs are personal

Master bathroom designs in blogs and magazines typically show a luxury soaker tub as part of the layout. While that can be appealing to some, don’t feel your bathroom has to have one. A master bathroom design should reflect your lifestyle and bathroom goals. If you love having home spa-days, then a bathtub is a great addition. If you prefer showering, then focus on a spacious walk-in shower design instead. A bathtub can always be added later, so don’t add one unless it’s the right addition for your needs.

Bathroom Renovations in Edmonton

IFIX Facility Maintenance creates timeless and value-boosting bathroom transformations that last for years. Their professionals pride themselves in taking your goals and dreams and making them into realities. For stunning bathroom or master bathroom transformation, leave the work to them.

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