Designing the perfect kitchen layout to match your lifestyle

As the heart of any home, your kitchen must not only to be functional; it must also match your lifestyle. Whether you love to entertain, spend time with family, or are an avid home cook, there’s a perfect layout for you. It’s just a matter of finding the right arrangement to fit those needs.

Cowie Construction in Vancouver are a full-service construction and design company. They share some kitchen layout suggestions that will perfectly match different lifestyles:

Galley kitchen: the minimalist 

With a simple design and minimal space, galley kitchens are perfect for smaller homes. It’s also the ideal layout if you’re a home cook who likes an area that is efficient and easy to navigate. Galley kitchens provide two parallel countertops with a single aisle in between. Storage-wise, this design makes the most of wall-mounted cabinets and under-counter storage. You can easily enhance this further by investing in custom cabinets and storage solutions. It will make the space even more efficient and be perfectly suited to your exact needs.

L-shaped kitchen: multiple chefs or entertainers

These are one of the more popular kitchen layouts and often include an island in the design. Countertops installed against two perpendicular walls form the “L” layout, with a kitchen island added in the center. If you love to entertain or have a household where more than one person likes to prepare food at a time, this is an ideal layout. The open concept means there’s plenty of space for multiple people to use the kitchen at once. The additional island is the perfect spot for entertaining or having friends or family sit while you cook. Because L-shaped kitchens are so diverse, they’re also ideal for both small and medium-sized kitchens.

U-shape kitchen: the home cook

Another highly popular layout is the U-shape or horseshoe and is particularly ideal for any avid home cooks. A peninsula connected island is what changes the layout from an “L” into the U-shape instead. By doing so, it offers a ton of new storage spaces and lots of counter space to prep food. The design also makes it very easy to move between the sink, stove and countertops, so it is very efficient. If your family has more than one cook, the layout will accommodate them without bumping elbows!

Open concept kitchen: social families or entertainers

The open concept kitchen eliminates any walls or barriers between the kitchen and the rest of the home. By doing so, it blends an entire room into one seamless flow. This layout is popular for large families who love to socialize together, either in the kitchen or living room. It’s also perfect for homeowners who love to entertain their guests even while they cook. Small or large homes can also benefit from this layout, as it creates an open, welcoming feel. Draw some creative ideas for this style of kitchen with these beautiful open kitchen ideas.

Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

At Cowie Construction, your vision and satisfaction are the goals they always strive to provide and ensure. By providing quality services and work, they guarantee to bring you peace of mind for every renovation. From home renovations to bathrooms, kitchens or full suites, they can help with any project.

Don’t hesitate to contact Cowie Construction today!

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