Details to focus on for great ROI renovations

Boosting your home’s value, even if you aren’t planning to sell right away, is always a smart investment. It helps keep your home updated and in great condition so that when you do choose to move, it’s already a market contender.

Edge Custom Homes & Renovations in Calgary is a full-service renovation and custom home building company. They share what details to focus on when renovating, to make sure you get the most ROI:

Kitchens: focus on quality material and design

With kitchen renovations, don’t just focus on really specialized improvements. If you renovate your kitchen into say a gourmet chef oasis, it narrows the field of relevance for future buyers. Keep in mind that trends are also constantly changing, so don’t just focus on those either. Instead, the best thing to focus on is materials and the right design.

For example, update those appliances with modern, energy-efficient ones. That will benefit you now, and appeal to buyers later. Choose new light fixtures that will not only improve lighting but add a little more design. Recessed lights in the ceiling add ambiance, while pendant fixtures over the island add a focal feature. Remember, you can’t have too much light. A brightly lit space is open and inviting, and can always be adjusted with a dimmer switch installed.

Bathrooms: enhance the space

Like kitchen renovations, focus those bathroom renovations on improving the space you have. Moving around plumbing will take longer and likely cost more than concentrating on what you have. One way to make the room feel bigger is to swap out your tub for a frameless glass shower instead. Opt for a floating vanity and vessel sink to create the illusion of space and added elegance. Combine new lighting and paint to brighten up the room and give it a new feeling.

If your home is lacking in bathrooms, though, a bathroom addition will also have a high ROI. Buyers will love to see two or more bathrooms in a home and especially a luxury master bathroom.

Additions: enhance the home

Before you build an addition, make sure it will be something that really improves your home, as they are significant investments. A bump-out, for example, is a perfect way to add square footage without adding an entire new floor. Kitchens can be enhanced with a cozy new breakfast nook. Your living room can use a bump-out to install a new bay window with its own reading nook. If you live in an older home, a master bedroom bump-out can really improve the room. Add in a new bathroom suite or a closet space worthy of a master bedroom, if these are missing from the room.

Full additions require the most time and investment but are a popularly chosen option. They can add a new bedroom, dining room, or even a space for a sunroom. Before you settle on an addition, talk to a professional for their advice. They’ll help you choose what will enhance your home, or what is better left out.

General Contractors in Calgary

Open communication and transparency are essential with any major home renovation. Edge Custom Homes and Renovations uses specialized project management software called Coconstruct to manage their projects. It features a client portal that allows you to check in on your project, and see the full scope of work including costs that are associated. If you have any questions or concerns, your team will be there to answer them.

At Edge Custom Homes and Renovations, they pride themselves on their attention to detail, quality work, and customer satisfaction. They offer residential renovations, general contracting services, custom homes, and more. Are you ready to tackle that big home renovation?

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