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Rubber paving is a cost effective way to resurface your cracked and damaged driveway, sidewalks and patios. It is made of recycled materials and can be installed right over your old concrete creating an attractive and distinctive looking surface. A & B Rubber Paving in Edmonton shares the advantages of this innovative paving alternative.

Damaged driveway replaced with new rubber paving.

Rubber paving is durable.

Rubber paving can actually stretch and contract easily without cracking or pitting like your old concrete driveway. It is virtually unaffected by the damaging freezing and thawing process and can last for years without showing it’s age. The first rubber paved driveway was installed in 1998 by Shercom Industries in Saskatchewan. Even though that driveway is now 18 years old, it still looks brand new!


Rubber paving performs well in the winter.

Even when frozen, rubber paving provides more traction than other paving products, preventing slips and falls. Your snow shovels and snow blowers will not damage the surface and you’ll find that snow and ice is easily removed from rubber paving. Salt and other de-icers do not effect the rubber, unlike concrete which deteriorates with salt.

Installation is quick and convenient.

When you install a new concrete driveway, there is a lengthy process involved. You have to demolish your old surface, haul it away, pour the new concrete and then wait days for it to dry. Since you can install rubber paving right over your old driveway you’ll save both time and money. Plus, installation only takes one day and just 24 hours to fully cure, making your driveway, garage, deck or sidewalk fully usable in just two days.

Rubber paving comes in a variety of colours.

rubber paving EdmontonWhether you choose a classic stone or asphalt look or get creative with your colour selection, your rubber paving can add an aesthetic design element to your home. Choose from shades of black, grey, brown, red, blue and green! The crew at A & B Rubber Paving will help you choose a colour that will best suit your home’s style.

Rubber paving is easy to maintain.

Clean your rubber paving easily with a garden hose to wash away dirt and debris.  Your surface will maintain that like-new look for years to come, only requiring an easy-to-apply urethane coating every 10 to 15 years. If an area of your rubber paving is damaged, it can be easily repaired by cutting out the damaged area and reapplying new rubber.

Rubber Paving Installation 

A & B Rubber Paving is a family run business that offers rubber paving services to Edmonton, Alberta and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. They focus on providing a top quality product and earning complete satisfaction from their customers. If you need to replace your damaged and cracked driveway, patio and/or walkways, contact A & B Rubber Paving.


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