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Home automation is all about living comfortably and saving time. A single computer controls your entire house, programmed exactly to how you need it to work. It knows when to turn the light on and off as you need it or set up an entire light scene to set the ambiance. It knows what temperature to choose when you’re in the room, and it turns it off when you are not there. Everything is managed perfectly, according to your specifications.

Tech Connect Solutions in Vancouver offers a range of smart home technology and systems. A highly advanced home automation systems will give you time-saving comfort, luxury, and convenience. They are not cloud-based, so your data and information are completely protected. Keep reading to learn more.

Everything is controlled by a central computer

Home automation combines all the components of your home into one central system. This allows communication to happen between every system in your home. Systems include your thermostat, window coverings, lighting, audio and video, windows and doors, locks, cameras, switches, and appliances. It acts as the brain of your home and brings everything together. Essentially, it creates a home that knows how to take care of itself.

You’ll save a lot of time

This kind of home automation can save you from doing over 50,000 tasks at home a year. It might seem like something small, like adjusting the thermostat multiple times a day or manually turning on lights, but it all adds up to more time to enjoy life.

Unparalleled energy efficiency

Home automation has an intelligent energy management system. You can have your smart home automatically control the temperature in your home, room by room. It can sense when someone is in the living room and can control the temperature there. That means less wasted energy in rooms that are vacant. It knows when you’re away from home, turning down the heat, and then turning it back up again when you return.

The lighting can also be set to increase energy efficiency. Lights that are left on will turn off automatically if the room is empty. You can have lights come on and off during different parts of the day to match your habits at home. Light control can deter intruders by making it look like someone is home when you’re away. Plus, home automation can provide fantastic lighting moods pre-set to your specific needs.

If you have solar panels, some systems offer intelligent energy management. It will switch between the electrical grid or the energy generated from your solar system. It will also turn off energy guzzlers and direct the sustainable solar energy where it’s needed most in the home.

Home security can be built-in

Automated home security products can be included with your home automation system. Choose from products like motion sensors, door and window contacts, water sensors, cameras, and other features. Enjoy pin-pad front entry, or use an encrypted NFC Key Fob or a button on your system’s phone app. It allows you to lock and unlock your doors remotely. Read more about smart home security.

Home Automation in Vancouver

Smart technology to simplify and boost your lifestyle is what Tech Connect Solutions proudly provides. Their services are there to make your life easier, your home safer, and keep your bills down. Their services include home automation, security and surveillance systems, home theatre systems, and more.

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