DIY or Hire a Plumber?

The bathroom drain is leaking and the toilet is running.  These are tasks an avid do-it-yourselfer could potentially tackle on their own; but what about the more advanced plumbing projects or plumbing repair nightmares that could occur?  Should you do-it-yourself or hire a Master Plumber?  Here are some benefits of both:

Pros of DIY Plumbing

plumbing_comicThere are benefits to tackling do-it-yourself plumbing projects. The most attractive benefit for most homeowners is that they don’t have to spend the extra money on paying a plumber to do the job or fix the problem. Without the cost of hiring a plumber, you will only have to pay for materials, tools if you don’t have them already, and invest your personal time.

It is also beneficial to learn new skills. Becoming a practiced do-it-yourselfer will allow you to make repairs or tackle home renovations more easily and makes you less likely to panic when something goes wrong. These skills are also transferable to your children.

Professional plumbers come with the skills and experience to fix your problem immediately. You might have to take a few stabs at it, and might end up spending more time and money, but after a few times you’ll get the knack of it and could end up saving money in the future.

Pros of Hiring a Master Plumber

PlumberHome repairs and renovations are stressful. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could create more work and even more stress. In the end, hiring a professional could require less effort and money for you in the long run, especially for large jobs like roughing in plumbing for a new bathroom or creating a new drain in the concrete basement floor.

Professional plumbers are expert problem solvers and experienced ones have seen it all! A do-it-yourselfer will have all the best intentions but could end up making the problem worse. A professional plumber can take one look at the project or problem and resolve it immediately.

Beyond having the expertise to easily tackle even your worst plumbing nightmare, a Master Plumber is outfitted with all of the tools needed to do the job. If you decide to do-it-yourself you will have to rent, buy or borrow the tools you’ll need as most plumbing tools and equipment are not common household items.

Master Plumbers have the education, certification and more knowledge about plumbing than you can learn in a YouTube tutorial. They also have extensive experience that has given them the skills and resourcefulness to handle the job in a timely and relatively stress-free manner. No matter what home improvement issue you’re having, the person with the most knowledge and experience is always the best person to call. When it comes to plumbing, a professional plumber is that person.

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  1. I agree with you repairs and renovation of homes are very stressful. If you don’t know about plumbing then you comes in trouble and finally you hire a plumber.Thanks for sharing this article. I really like it.

  2. I love to get things done myself but the last time I got down to mending a leaking water pipe, I ended up ruining the show and had to hire a professional plumber to help. There are things we can tackle ourselves, but I would seriously recommend hiring a contractor when you are unsure of the plumbing job yourself. Do try and experiment.

  3. If you get a clog in your home it’s important to shut off the water at the source or at the main if it’s a main line clog. Homeowners who have access to their OUTSIDE sewer cleanout line (typically a short, round, white pipe with a rubber cap located in the yard near the house) can remove the cleanout cap during a backup to relieve inside pressure and send water outside instead of into the house.

    Sometimes unclogging a drain by yourself just can’t be done. Professional have specially made fiber optic cameras allow for a visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe.

    Once the EXACT location of the clog has been determined a sewer and drain professional will choose to use either a High Pressure Water Jet or a Sewer Snake Cable Machine with Cutting Blades. These are just a few options a sewer and drain unclogging professional has in his toolbox.

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