DIY or professional lawn care: which is right for you?

A beautifully green lawn not only looks great for your yard, but it’s also great for your curb appeal. Getting your yard to that point, though, takes time and careful upkeep. DIY is great if you enjoy the work, but professional care lets you just enjoy your yard without any effort.

Here is some advice on when to DIY your lawn care and when to call their professionals to handle the work:

DIY if: you have the time

Lawn care requires a lot of time and commitment to ensure everything grows plush and healthy. Regular mowing and watering are a must, and any areas that start to thin will need reseeding. If you have the time and enjoy lawn care, there’s no reason not to DIY. You can enjoy the time outdoors and relax afterwards and reap the benefits of that hard work.

Hire a pro if: you want to save expenses

Hiring a professional is an investment, but it will actually save money in the long run. Professionals readily have all the necessary lawn care tools, meaning you don’t have to buy them yourself. Any fertilizers, seeds, or other products are all also provided by a professional lawn maintenance company. You’ll save money by not buying products that either don’t work or harm your grass, and potentially cause your lawn to die. Overwatering or bad mowing can harm your grass and increase the risk of pests, poor growth, or weeds settling in. With a professional, though, you won’t have to worry! The investment now will lend itself in your lawn’s long and healthy lifespan.

Hire a pro if: you want a healthy lawn and high curb appeal

Beyond basic mowing and watering, lawns require a lot of other care to ensure they grow to be healthy and plush. From proper fertilization, aeration, weeding, and trimming, a lawn needs a lot of attention! Not only that, but your grass takes up plenty of visual space in your yard, making it a big part of that curb appeal. A well maintained and manicured lawn gives your home an equally well-cared-for appearance. Clean edges between your lawn and sidewalks are more visually attractive and add a sense of luxury to your home.

Blend pro with DIY if: you want the best of both

Instead of choosing between one or the other, combine professional help with DIY for the best of both. If you don’t mind weeding and trimming, but want professional mowing and aeration, hire a professional for just that. When you blend the two, you still handle the parts you enjoy while benefiting from a professionally cared for lawn.

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