DIY vs Professional mould testing and removal  

The last thing you want to hear or find is that your home has a mould problem. After all, mould can be hazardous to your health and must be quickly removed. That invites the question of whether to DIY mould removal or to call in the professionals. DIY may be tempting, but when it comes to health and safety, always call the pros.

Eco Abate Inc. in Calgary specializes in mould, asbestos, and radon testing and removal. They share the difference between DIY and professional mould removal and why their pros are the best choice:

The risk and causes of mould 

Mould is never something you want in your home, especially since it has serious health effects. Inhaling mould can irritate the throat, cause coughing, tighten of the chest, or inflame the airways. Those with asthma or allergies will suffer from even more severe symptoms, which puts them at a higher risk. Long term exposure can lead to lung damage or developing asthma.

There are a variety of reasons for mould forming, but the most common one is related to moisture. Homes with high humidity, water leaks, poor ventilation or condensation are at a higher risk. The combination of moisture and heat creates the ideal breeding ground for mould to develop. When leaks or mould develop unnoticed, it puts your home and health at higher risk. Take a look at this guide for spotting signs of mould in your home.

How to prevent mould 

Things such as keeping humidity levels down, installing proper ventilation, and regulating temperatures will help prevent mould from settling in. Bathrooms especially must have proper ventilation, as they often create the perfect environment. Keep in mind as well, that mildew is different from mould and is a type of fungus. Mould is fuzzy, slimy and often different colours such as blue, yellow, black or white. Mildew, though, will only turn black or brown and looks more like dirt on the walls. Still, neither is wanted, so even if you think there may be mould somewhere, it’s safer to have your home tested.

DIY mould testing 

Often, mould will develop in hidden areas such as behind walls or under flooring and isn’t immediately noticeable. DIY-mould testing kits are available from stores, but they only provide limited information. The kit will tell you that there is mould, but not what type it is, where it is growing or even what caused it. You’ll either need to hire a professional or track down and identify the source yourself.  

If you do find the source of the mould, the cleanup will depend on the size and type of mould. If the area is small, you can use home cleaners to handle the job. Large areas of mould, though, should be handled by a professional. In cases such as these, it’s likely the spores have already spread, and that there may be more mould hidden elsewhere. At other times, DIY cleaning can stir up spores and end up spreading the mould. Dangerous black mould, or when the damage to your walls is already extensive, should also be left to the pros.

Professional mould testing and removal 

When you hire a professional, they’ll be able to provide much more information and safety precautions. They’ll be able to tell where the mould is, the source, and any immediate health risks. Once found, they’ll safely handle removing it from your home. A professional will also have the knowledge and tools to follow up with a thorough inspection of the rest of your home. They’ll know where to look for other, common places where mould grows and will remove and carefully clean the area. That way, there is a guarantee that there isn’t any lingering mould or risk of more growth.

Mould Testing and Removal in Calgary 

At Eco Abate Inc., your safety and health are their top priority and focus. Everyone on their team is fully trained and experienced when it comes to identifying and removing mould, asbestos or radon from your home. If you suspect you have mould or have spotted signs, Eco Abate Inc. is the company to call for quick, safe results.

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