Do solar panels work well in Edmonton?

Do solar panels work well in Edmonton? Yes. They work very well. Alberta is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada. Edmonton is one of the sunniest places in the province! Edmonton gets about 2300 hours and 321 days of sunshine a year. So if you’re considering solar panels in Edmonton, your solar output in this sunny city will be outstanding.

SolarNinjas Energy Solutions is one of Alberta’s first solar companies. As experienced electricians specializing in commercial and residential solar, they explain why Edmonton and solar are a match made in heaven.

The sun is (almost) always shining

Conditions for solar energy generating in Alberta are excellent. Our province is one of the best solar resources in the world. Alberta’s solar potential is about 26EJ a year. Other energy industries like oil, coal, and bitumen provide 12EJ a year – to put things into perspective that’s more than twice the energy potential from solar as fossil fuels. So it’s exciting to think about the potential when we harness the green, sustainable energy from the sun.

The solar output stays strong, even in the winter

But what about the winter? The days are cold, short, and there is a lot of snow. Fortunately, the sun keeps shining through even the coldest day. That winter cold can help make up for the shorter days with efficiency. Plus, snow coverage doesn’t diminish the output of solar panels in Edmonton as much as you might think. Even during heavy snow periods, it evens out annually thanks to the long sunny days we experience during spring, summer, and fall. Winter losses are planned for in your system design with SolarNinjas!

Solar panels work better in the cold

What about those cold days? Solar panels need sunlight, not heat, to work. As long as the sun is shining, it doesn’t matter if it’s -30 outside. Cold temperatures actually allow solar power systems to work more efficiently compared to hot weather.

There is science behind this. When the sunlight hits the solar panel photovoltaic cells, it starts moving electrons. The electrons create an electric current that goes into the home’s solar power system or storage to power things in your home.  Cooler temperatures put electrons at rest. So when the sun activates them, a significant difference in the voltage is reached by the panels. That difference creates more energy. Therefore, solar panels can produce more power, more efficiently, when it’s cold outside! Read more about how temperature can affect the amount of energy a solar panel receives.

Solar can be affordable in Edmonton

We know that sunshine and cooler temperatures can optimize a solar system in Edmonton. But, there are practical reasons that make sense for solar in Alberta’s capital city. There are several rebate programs and incentives that make solar more affordable and accessible.

The Edmonton Solar Rebate Program offers homeowners $0.40/watt towards the cost of the solar system. That covers about 15% of the price of a typical residential solar power installation overall. Plus, you can stack that rebate with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. This program provides grants up to $5,000 for energy-efficient retrofits.

Solar panels work stunningly well in Edmonton. And, there are some great rebate and grant programs to help you make a move to solar. Start using the sun’s sustainable energy, and you’ll experience a lifetime of electricity cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.

Contact SolarNinjas Energy Solutions to get started!

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