Does Your Air Conditioner Need Repair or Replacement?

Air Conditioner in EdmontonWhen it’s running smoothly, it’s easy to not think about your air conditioner. When there is an issue with it and you’re stuck in the heat in the peak of summer, it’s suddenly a top-of-mind inconvenience! Keeping up on annual air conditioner maintenance will prevent more major and costly repairs and will keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

Cross Country Mechanical in Edmonton shares these tell-tale signs there could be a problem with your air conditioner:

Water Leaks

When the system is running, condensation forms inside the unit. This excess moisture is drained away by the drain tube. If this tube breaks or becomes clogged, a pool of water will begin to accumulate near your cooling unit. This type of problem is more likely to happen when humidity levels are high. If you see pooling or leaking water around your air conditioner, call Cross Country Mechanical for repairs.

Refrigerant Leaks

Does your HVAC system do a good job at heating but just blows out normal air while cooling? This might indicate a refrigerant leak. A leak can occur at the condenser or the compressor. A running air conditioning system is not doing you any good if it’s low on it’s air coolant. Your best bet is to call in a company that specializes in air conditioning in Edmonton who can fix the leak and ensure the unit has the correct amount of refrigerant.

Less Airflow

Unequal amount of air in different rooms or overall less airflow throughout the house indicate a problem with the system’s blower fan, compressor failure or blocked duct work. Limited airflow can also be an indicator of more serious issues with your system, so you should have an HVAC technician look at it as soon as possible before the issue becomes worse.

Unusual Odours

A foul, electrical smell is a sign that the wire installation is burning out or the wire insulation is overheating. A musty odour means that there is biological growth, most probably mold or mildew, inside the unit or the ducts. Any strange smell from your air conditioner requires a thorough check up of the entire system.

Unusual Noises

Every air conditioning unit makes a certain amount of noise while functioning. But if your system is unusually louder or is making strange noise like grating, clanging or whistling, it means there is something wrong with it. It can be as trivial as a loose screw or a disconnected part, or it may be an indication of a bigger issue. Arrange for maintenance checks and repairs as soon as possible.

Higher Utility Bills

If there is a sudden spike in your monthly cooling bill, your air conditioning in Edmonton might need repairs. The evaporator and condenser coils may need cleaning and maintenance or the refrigerant may be leaking. If not taken care of, these problems will keep increasing your utility costs, reduce the life of the system and fail to provide adequate cooling when you need it.

Ideally, you should have an HVAC service company like Cross Country Mechanical inspect your HVAC system once a year to check for any issues and give it service. Not only will this help prevent the need for a complete AC system replacement, it will also make sure your air conditioner is doing it’s job at keeping your home comfortable, running at peak efficiency and not piling up the energy costs. If you think you’re AC might be having minor issues, learn how to check your air conditioner before calling for service.

Heating and Air Conditioning in Edmonton

Cross Country Mechanical Ltd. is committed to excellence in customer care and HVAC service throughout the Spruce Grove and Edmonton areas. Their highly trained technicians can service, install, or upgrade any make or model of HVAC and refrigeration systems. Their residential services include:

– Preventive maintenance
– Retrofitting
– Upgrade of HVAC systems
– Installation of new heating and air conditioning systems
– Whole house air cleaner installations
– Energy-saving recommendations and facilitation
– Part replacement
– 24/7 emergency service availability

Fully licensed and insured, experience the difference that Cross Country Mechanical Ltd can make in your home’s HVAC or refrigeration system. Contact them today!

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