Does your home need a water softener?

A water softener is a unit that stops the hardening of water by extracting minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This device, which is built with specific ion exchangers, removes positively charged ions thereby contributing to the process of softening water.

Whats the need?

Water Softener, Water,A major source of Edmonton’s drinking water is the North Saskatchewan River. The river, like every other, picks up waste and other by-products from both humans and animal activity along its way to the treatment plant. During this process, the water tends to get hardened.

Hard water can have an adverse effect on appliances by causing lime scale build-up. This causes further trouble through the blockage of pipes and clogging of machinery resulting in the reduction of its life span.

Benefits of installing a water softener

  • Cost benefits

Though you’ll have to spend money actually purchasing a water softener, it will be cost beneficial in the long run.  Using a water softener will reduce the amount of fuel your water heater uses. It will also ensure better performance and extended life of water based appliances such as coffeemakers and dishwashers. Appliances that use soft water will reduce power consumption between 20-30%.

  • Environmental benefits

A water softener can also reduces your environmental impact. The reduced consumption of fuel and chemical intake has direct and positive environmental benefits.

  • Better Body Treatment

Hard water has a negative effect on your hair and skin. It removes essential minerals from the hair and skin, making it rough and hard. Ever notice a difficulty getting your soap to lather in the shower?  It could mean you have hard water!  This can be easily solved with a water softener.

If you realize that your home is affected by hard water, it’s time to get a water softener installed. Contact a trusted plumber in Edmonton today!

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