Does your home need an HVAC cleaning?

HVAC Cleaning

No HVAC system is immortal – at some point it’s going to breakdown. Over a period of time, the HVAC system accumulates dust and dirt which goes on to reduce its effectiveness. In order to keep it functioning well, you need to ensure it’s well-maintained. . You can do that by seeing to it that it’s serviced on a regular basis. But then you are posed with the question that brought you to this article – does your home HVAC need cleaning immediately?

Servicing might be appropriate in the following circumstances:

1. Persistent water damage in ducts
If the duct in your home is constantly leaking, then getting your office HVAC cleaned is something that you need to do. Persistent water damage will corrode your HVAC ducts.

2. Microbial or fungal growth observed in the duct
If you observe some slime growing in your duct, then you’re probably dealing with some microbial or fungal growth. Such growth will contaminate your home’s air.

3. Build up restricting air flow
Debris build up in your duct will restrict airflow. This will create difficulty in cooling your home.

4. Dust in the diffusers
Dust in your home’s air flow will make breathing difficult, and it will even work up allergies and asthma.

5. Odors
Any funny smells coming from your HVAC duct is definite a sign that it needs a checkup. It could be caused by mold, dead insects, or worse, a dead rodent.

All HVAC systems need regular cleaning. You need to recognize the signs and call in a reliable contractor to clean and maintain your HVAC system to ensure it runs smoothly.

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